Hub disconnects

Anyone else experiencing hub disconnects over the last couple days? My V2 has disconnected and reconnect several times in this timeframe. doesn’t seem to be an internet issue

Yes. Over the last several days I’ve had a few. And it’s never happened to me before. I also have about 10 devices saying off-line on the IDE but they are definitely online. (Mix of z-wave and zigbee) @Brad_ST

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Yeah pretty strange. Just opened the app today to discover everything offline opened IDE to find that it had disconnect 6 times over the course of around one and a half days but every device come back after reconnection. Down time was approximately 2 minutes for each instance. Like you, I’ve never had this happen before but feel better knowing it has to someone else…meaning its likely on Smartthings end and not my hub.

Are you still seeing issues? I’m sitting here in my living room watching my hub blink green every five minutes now.

seems my issues have cleared up

I actually just did some experimentation. Whenever I open my Arlo app or there is an Arlo event my smart hub (version 2) blinks. But they’re both on wired connections so I don’t know if it would be interference or not.

If Ive learned anything with ST…anything is possible

Hope you can figure out whats going on and get it fixed

Is there an outage? A bunch of my devices are offline.

status.smartthings isn’t currently showing any outages

The issue seems to be specific to smartthings wifi, they do not connect to each other