Monoprice Z-Wave Switch Doesn't Update Status

I’ve had a Monoprice Z-Wave Switch in my wall for about three years now and suddenly it stopped reporting status when interacted with via the physical switch. Toggling the switch turns the light on and off but will not update status in SmartThings. Toggling the light in the app will toggle the light and update the status.

This physical switch is the key to my manual lighting operation; every other light in the house goes on and off with the physical switch.
I know support is a step, and removing the device and adding it might help but support isn’t as fast as you guys sometime, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to access the switch in the gangbox when trying to reset it.


Minor update:
If the light is on, and I flip it off, then tap refresh, the app updates to off. This works for on as well.

So it’s almost like something stopped refreshing after the physical switch is interacted with.
I wonder what could have changed.

Also I haven’t changed anything with the device handler.

Try rebooting your hub and doing a z-wave repair

Thanks! I’ve done that.
I figured out I do need get into the gang-box and press a button on the module to reset it. What dumb design.
Why wouldn’t four rapid flicks of the attached switch be enough? Answer: Because it’s Monoprice.

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