Monoprice Z-wave plus 4-in-1 motion sensor with Temp, Humidity, and light sensor

I have installed the monoprice sensor with handler (Zoos/Monoprice 4-in-1 Multisensor v1.4.2). All functions are reporting fine. My issue is with the light sensor. My dimmable GE light switches do not to respond (turn on) when light level goes below set level. I can get same switch to turn off when light level is above set threshold. Any ideas? Using SmartThings hub V2.

I use the DTH from “robertvandervoort : zooZ 4-in-1 sensor - RV 1.2”

I don’t have issue using the lux meter to trigger things. Maybe you can have a try.

BTW, what smartapp do you use to trigger your switch?