Monoprice Z-Wave Home Security Sensors on Sale

Monoprice cuts an extra 15% off a selection of its Monoprice Z-Wave home security sensors, already marked up to 20% off, via coupon code “Z15W”, with prices starting at $16.99 after coupon, as listed below. Even better, each gets free shipping. The deals, with prices after the coupon:

Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Sensor for $16.99
Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor for $17.99
Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor for $17.99
Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor for $19.54
Z-Wave Plus Wall Socket Plug-In Receptacle w/ 2 USB & 1 AC Port for $20.99
Z-Wave Plug-In On/Off for $21.24
Z-Wave Plus PIR Motion Detector w/ Temperature Sensor for $21.24
Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi-Sensor (Temperature/Humidity/Light) for $24.99
Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Power Monitor for $27.99


Jsut a warning as I an some others on here have had issues with these sensors. Personally I have three of the Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window sensors and they sometimes on open/closes stick on open. I.e. I open the door, it reports open, I close the door, it stays on open. It stays that way indefinitely until I open and close the door again. Happened to all three of them at least once and on the door we used the most often it happened about every 20 open/close cycles.

I ended up switching my hardwired security system over to SmartThings using Konnected and as such stopped using them. I have 4 of them in boxes if anyone wants to make a offer on them…maybe you’ll have better luck. I know there was a thread on someone making a DTH that polls them more often to fix the issue or something.


I have (4) monoprice 4 in 1 sensors and their range is pathetic. 3 of the 4 are working as expected, one will not configure so it is always blinking which is horribly annoying.

Which device handler are you using?

I have 3 of the recessed contact sensor. Been installed for about 6+months. Never had a glitch.

This one:

I’m not sure if this is your problem, but LED option #4 is only supported by the Zooz 4-in-1 Multisensor with the latest firmware so it will be ignored by the Monoprice device.

If you don’t want it to flash you have to set it to #1 and then press the recessed button on the bottom of the device to wake it up. If the bottom right tile still shows pending changes after about 30 seconds then the device didn’t wake up and you’ll need to push that button again.

I was going to upload the live log while I did the button press, but there is nothing interesting in the log.

I have tried the button press many times. And it doesn’t update the settings.

I have turned off all my zwave repeaters, placed the sensor next to the hub, pulled the batteries, reset the hub, repaired the zwave network, …

Nothing seems to work. This one sensor will not take settings.

Does it still report motion, temp, light, and humidity?

Do you have the “Debug Logging” option enabled in the settings? If there are settings to send and the device is waking up, it will log all of the changes it’s attempting to make and all the confirmations from the device.

Does the center tile at the bottom show the number of changes and what’s the time shown in the “Settings Updated” time shown in the right column.

If the bottom center tile doesn’t show that there are any changes, or it just shows 1 change, tap the refresh button 3 times.

Then use a paper clip to wake the device up again. If you successfully push the button, the led should flash, but just because it flashed doesn’t mean it woke up so if nothing is shown in live logging after 15 seconds, push it again.

Don’t you have to pay for the device handlers from Roy now? I stopped looking at monoprice once they did that. Maybe i’m confused but seems like thats pretty crappy.

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No, the generic handlers work with it but his handlers add features and what not.


you’ve always had to pay, even before the Monoprice collaboration.

I have one of the 4-in-1 sensors and it’s battery life sucks. Good news is it takes regular AAA.

Actually you can get a better deal now than previously.

Assuming you want to use the advanced features of @RBoy’s handlers (as others have mentioned, most monoprice z-wave devices will work fine with stock device handlers), the cost to access those hasn’t changed. And now you can get a 15% discount on z-wave devices with code RBoy.


That’s not true. My old house had some monoprice devices and there were community device handlers that were free. I am not opposed to paying for work, just seems like Rboy should be getting paid by monoprice to write the handlers not asking us to pay again in order for them to work correctly.

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Well… That’s certainly something you could raise up to Monoprice’s Customer Service, right?

It’s up to them as to the degree of support and features they wish to offer when you purchasing a product from them. If they decide not to offer certain features in the purchase price, then it’s up to Customers to decide whether or not the purchase is a good deal or not.

In this case, it “seems” that they are offering an extra 15% off in lieu of including the enhanced DTH in the price. This “seems” fair to me, IMHO.


And there still are. Monoprice doesn’t manufacture their products and you will often find them under different brands that people have written free device. handlers for

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Have you tried using the lithium 1.5v AAA batteries. It’ll last a year with one set of those

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Not yet. Just been throwing Amazon basics at it. Will give those a go next.

There still are.

Terry said it well. Up to the consumer whether they’re willing to pay extra for the additional service that’s offered.


Use eneloops, that’s a much better cost savings I’d imagine.