Monoprice 4-in-1 motion sensor down to $15

Edit: showing out of stock now

They’re selling these on their site for $15 bucks:

What’s the word on these? Looks like one would need to be an rboy subscriber to get the handler? I’m guessing they’re different products, but my zoos 4-in-1’s have been awesome so I’d love to scoop up a few more for $15 a pop but not if I have to subscribe to get the handler.

Would adding as generic z wave work? $15 is great but $40 for Rb is a lot if you only get a couple.

Could try to set it as Aeotec MultiSensor Gen5

For $15 ill try a few.

They work ok but chew through batteries (which are luckily AAA).

What DTH are you using?

Might even work with the Zooz DTH? They look identical…

And they’re out of stock. I always miss out.

RBoy handlers are worth it. I bought the lifetime years ago. There’s a couple things I use from there.

I was able to order 3.

How do they work with the new (non-classic) app?

I ordered 2, what DTH works best for these ?

I second that…

They are really bad on batteries.

Ended up not buying. All I really need are motion sensors and I prefer Iris 3662-L over anything else, and they have great battery life. I bought a whole bunch for around $11 when Lowes decided to discontinue.

Lots of people had great luck with the used lot of 10 they bought on Ebay, and I have decided to go that route.

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Looked like Monoprice is promoting a Stitch brand of smart devices. May be why they sold these off.

Stitch has been around for a while. They are WiFI devices.

Yeah I got as far as adding it to the cart but backed out at the last second. The zooz’s show up as refurbs on eBay all the time for not that much more.

It has been my experience that shipping with monoprice
is usually quite high. Might be able to find something better by the time you factor that in anyways.

They started out as the same device, but Zooz fixed all the motion related bugs in theirs and made several other improvements so don’t waste your money on the Monoprice model…


From the man himself, thanks krlaframboise. I almost bit on this because I like the temp and humidity.