Monoprice recessed Zwave plus door sensor

I just saw that Monoprice is now offering a zwave plus recessed door sensor that looks eerily similar to the aeon labs one, but with a better price of $29.99.

Monoprice Z-wave pkus recessed door sensor

Monoprice Z-wave plus Door and window sensor user manual

I purchased one out of curiosity and will post some comparison pics to aeon labs device. As well as let you know how pairing goes.

If it turns out to work well I’ll probably pick a few more up during the next Monoprice sale.

And here it is next to aeon device

Full view of accessories / content. Picture from Monoprice website


Love my Aeon Recessed sensors. This is an attractive price point.


Thats exactly what i was thinking.

Any feed back on these yet?

I just got it in the mail yesterday, havent opened it up yet

slacker :wink:
Looking forward to your report.

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Paired fine, but stock handler doesnt work. Will try the new one for tgier other zwave plus sensor

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Seems to work well after repairing. It paired a zwave sensor and had to change dth to the Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor dth.

This thing has a long sensing range, it seems to detect the magnet about an inch away. Battery reporting isnt working. Manual says to use battery get command class.

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Pics added to op

it’s $26.99 now from monoprice.

Your pic doesn’t show that it has those wings to secure it on the sensor lid? But the website pictures shows it does? Does it have them or no?

They are in the accessory pack, there are brown and white ones. Manual says you only have to use the wings if the hole is too wide. I havent installed it yet.

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Any luck on battery yet?

Ordered two. If they work, I’ll put together a dth with all the needed features.

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For anyone that’s interested, I scanned the user manual. I’ll throw it up in the op as well.

Monoprice Z-wave plus Door and window sensor user manual

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If someone can create a fully functioning DTH I’d definitely be interested in these. Been holding off on the AEOTEC because of the $$.

I updated op with pic from monoprice that shows all the accessories. These all came in the box.

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Thank you for the scan. It’s very well documented and should thus be easy to put together a dth (ie 10 min) unless there are firmware bugs. Will put one together if a I have chance this weekend. Won’t be able to test it since ST is only at the office, not at home.

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I could test it for you -

Might be buggy and I can’t test. Anyway, try it. I’ll update it on Monday after I can actually test it. Will also implement setting of wake-up time interval.

Here’s the spec page with another version of the manual:

Another thought – if the default dth works and is local (not in the cloud), might be worth using that even if the battery level is not working

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Updated. Now works.

BUT, the Zwave Plus Door default dth worked for me, with battery state. I assume it’s local (haven’t checked), if so, I would just use that.