Monoprice Motion - Best Device-Type as of Nov. '15?

I have seen a couple different threads discussing this, but it has been a while, and not all of my questions are in there. So, I started this thread. If you want, please feel free to merge…

I’m currently using the Aeon Multisensor device type, but that’s only because that’s what it got detected as when I installed it a while back. Now, I’m wanting to improve a couple things, and looking for either a better device type, or just some guidance on modifying what is in there now.

  1. Unused Tiles
    I know it really doesn’t matter and I could simply attempt to continue ignoring them, but it would be nice to be able to get rid of (or make use of) the current 3 apparently completely useless tiles (showing only 2 dashes).

  2. Light Sensor
    It appears as though this thing does have a light sensor (this device shows up as a light sensor option when configuring SmartApps), but it’s not displaying illuminance at all within the ‘Things’ area in the SmartThings app.
    Is this because this particular device really doesn’t actually have a light sensor, or because the device type being used isn’t correctly accounting for it?

The two alternate device types I’ve noticed are these…


Of those two, which is a better option for dealing with the two issues mentioned above?
Then, are there any other, better custom device types out there?

p.s. The whole reason this came up for me right now is that I need to swap a coiuple motion sensors around in order to get one in a place where I also need a light sensor and don’t really need one in the place where that device is right now.
Of course, I will replace all of these older, cheaper devices with better, more modern ones eventually, but I’m just trying to get by for now.
Also, I know it may be that this one doesn’t even actually have a light sensor, and if that’s the case, I won’t bother doing the swap.

That’s your answer. I’m not sure why it shows up as a light sensor because “luminance” isn’t a capability specifically called out in the code.

Either code examples above work. I just tweaked it for my needs and experimentation.

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Ya, that’s what I was afraid of (not that it’s a really big downer, but always looking to use what I already have on-hand).

Well, I would assume it’s because the Aeon one does have a light sensor (I have one of those), and that is the device type that was suggested at install time.

Thanks. :slight_smile: