Zooz motion sensor

Sorry if this is a duplicate question, but I have an iris motion sensor that’s going out. On of my oldest, so I can’t complain. From the look of things, the best replacement right now seems to be a Zooz motion sensor. Seems fine, except there’s talk of a custom device handler. Not really a fan of those. I could use a stock device handler with the Iris sensors and that kept SmartLighting rules local on the hub. Can you use the Zooz sensors with a stock device handler? Or do you have to use the custom code with it?

Or am I better just to drop it and wait for the Aeotec sensors, if they ever get to market? Still sad the Iris stuff isn’t for sale anymore. Good, cheap sensors.

You can still buy the v3 version that also has Humidity on eBay:

Yeah, but it’s used. I’d prefer a new sensor, and the Zooz sensors look good, just curious about the device handler issue.

I actually bought from that seller. It says used, but mine look new. They didn’t come in original packaging, but they work great. The battery tabs were still there:

Nice, may try it. Thanks!

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I have the zooz sensor & am not a fan of it. When I first got it, I used rboys DTH & my battery said 100% for 2 weeks then died. I email zooz support & never heard back from them. I then tried Kevin’s DTH & my battery lasted 4 months, but only thing is the battery % never changed. This sensor is in my son’s room so it was always on &,off.

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I have 2 Zooz sensors (4-in1 and the ZSE18 regular sensor). I was using the 4-in-1 really for the temp sensor tied to automations. I did have some issues with getting it to respond correctly but finally got it working and installed the recommended DH and all is working now. However can’t say the same for the ZSE18. It just keeps on detecting motion even in an unoccupied room or closed drawer and then the battery starts going down. I have to say though the Zooz support has been quite responsive for these issues and they are mailing be a “tested ST” replacement.

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