Monoprice 4-in-1 motion sensor down to $15

I don’t believe Zooz made any improvements to the Temp/humidity/light reporting, but with the Monoprice version you’ll most likely have to replace the batteries every 3-6 weeks…

Interesting, I would say mine last close to 6 months, maybe longer? This thing can run at 1% for at least a month.

Same here. Running FW version 5.1.

Yep. I also have all the LED notification turned off.

I had forgotten about that. I do too.

It has been a solid device for me once I learned how to configure it properly.

Did you use any special DH?

See a few posts further up.

Kevin developed one. I use a version of that modified by me for my own use but my mods are purely UI related and don’t affect function (and mine may only be good for iOS). I can confirm my version works in the new SmartThings Connect app too. I am sure Kevin’s does as well.

Mine are being delivered tomorrow.

I had to replace mine every 3-6 weeks, but I was also trying to use it as a motion sensor and motion reporting was practically useless once the battery dropped below a certain level so if you’re just using it for measurement reporting and let it run until it dies then I guess the battery will last a lot longer.

I got mine in 2016 and I didn’t have many devices back then so it’s also possible the poor battery life I was experiencing was caused by my weak mesh, but it’s been sitting on a shelf since the middle of 2017 so I can’t say for sure…

I have the main use as a motion sensor on a main stairway so it gets a fair amount of triggers.

I will say my go to motion sensors are the now-discontinued Iris but I needed something central in the house that also monitored light thus I tried the Monoprice 4-in-1. I set the primary status to motion and I’ve been quite happy. Battery seems to drop on a fairly linear scale and it seems responsive down to about 10% battery.

Interesting, I got mine in 2016 too. 5.1 firmware.

I was able to get the 4in1 connected to ST using the zooz DH. Everything works fine but motion is always detected. Any ideas how fix it?

My zoos 4-in-1’s will constantly report motion when the mesh is spotty. I solved it by adding more repeaters

Check what you have set for Motion Retrigger Time and Motion Sensitivity (I use ‘3’) in settings for the device.

Had the same problem, spent an hour trying to get it to work and even contacted Zooz. Here’s what worked. Remove the device, remove any custom DTH’s, and pair the Zooz standing near the hub. It should pair and pick up the SmartThings Zooz DTH. Once paired go ahead and setup any custom DTH’s. The new app won’t let you set any of the custom settings, but you can set them up using the classic app.

I had added the custom DH and never published it. Exclude the sensor and published the DH. |Everything working great now…thanks for the hints.