Moisture and Freeze Sensor Information

I received a Z-wave combination sensor with my initial SmartThings kit that contained a sensor that appears to detect moisture as well as freezing temperatures. This appears to be a third-party Z-wave product that (according to the enclosed instruction sheet) should have the ability to set the temperature alert low/high values. However, I can’t find an app that allows me to monitor or set this temperature threshold. Is there such an app? If not, how do I write one that will get/set this information from within a SmartApp? Does anyone know if this combo moisture/temp sensor supplies such data?

I’m looking for the answer to the same question.

Are you talking the moisture sensor that they offered as one of the product choices?

Yes. There is a clear and easy way to use this sensor to monitor for moisture and initiate actions, alerts, etc. The sensor also has the ability to detect freezing temperatures, but I can’t find a SmartApp to act on that condition.

Did you get anywhere with this? I’d love to use the moisture sensor as a freeze warning (assuming it alerts when the temperature get’s close to freezing) since I already have it in the basement for water leakage. I was going to put a temperature sensor their as well until I noticed this device looks like it does something with the temperature.

Agreed - any updates here? I have the FortrezZ WWA02AA, it installed just fine as the smartsense moisture sensor and has a tile icon that looks like a thermometer, however the ST hub doesn’t seem to recognize it as a temperature sensor. I would imagine a custom device type could be created to fix this, however starting with the code for the existing device type would be helpful. Any help here would be appreciated!

I have the same issue as elmer2004. I have the thermometer icon in my smartthings thing, but it shows blank if selected for display and the activity feed never mentions a temp. Will it only report if it goes above or below a set point?

So… Is it possible to get the temperature from the white SmartSense Moisture that is made by FortrezZ with the SmartThings name on it (model from last year)?

This model:

On the lower right face of the unit it shows a drop of water and then 0C/32F.

UPDATE & reply from support:
“The Moisture sensor won’t display the current temperature. The temperature feature is more of a “temperature alert” that will go off at 32 degrees to warn you of potentially frozen pipes.”
"The FortrezZ Moisture Sensor will not send you an alert for freezing temperature. It will change the status on your Things page when it has gone below freeing point.

The FortrezZ Moisture Sensor is currently supported for just the moisture alerts that you will be able to receive via notification or text if moisture is detected."

I have the Fortrezz WWA02AA and the water sensor part works great. I have it text me anytime there is a moisture alert. But like others I wanted the TEMPERATURE as well. I played a lot with it. I was on the Smartthings Manage Hub-Devices-Apps webpage and tried all the different water sensor TYPE definitions with none working. The “SmartSense Moisture Sensor” seemed best, as it had an entry for Temperature. The last thing I did was define it as a “Zwave Water Senor” press the Program button on the Fortrez, then set the type back to “SmartSense Moisture Sensor” and low and below Current States (on webpage) showed a temperature.
temperature: 25 C
battery: 97 %
water: dry
checkInterval: 28920
So it now shows 70 F on the Smartthings app on the phone.
What I gather is the Fortrezz only send the temp at the wake up intervals and only send the temp when the receiving controller is set up to request the updated temperature. Pressing the Fortrezz PROGRAM button waits up the device for queries.
Now I’ll wait for then next 4 hour interval to see if it updates with a new temp.

Update: Still no automatic updates, no matter how long I wait.