Moisture sensor not sending warning

(Eric Fowler) #1

I got the Smartthings hub all setup and running. I paired the moisture sensor from Smartthings with the system and put a notification on there to alert me if it senses water.

I tested it by wetting the floor a little and placing the sensor on the wet spot. The red light came on immediately and I waited patiently for the warning to come through Smartthings. The warning never came. I have refreshed the device in smartthings however the device continues to read “Dry”. I tried removing the battery and putting it back in to reset the power but that didn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

(Eric Fowler) #2

I deleted the program and device and let the Smartthings app redetect the device and now it is working. Couldn’t find how to delete my post lol.

(Brad B.) #3

Glad to see that it sorted itself out!