Fortrezz vs. SmartThings Moisture Sensors

(Raphael Turnerstone) #1

Has anyone compared the Fortrezz and new SmartThings Moisture Sensors? It seems they are the same price, but the Fortrezz includes the Temperature Sensor and the SmartThings unit does not. I also like the fact that the Fortrezz uses regular AA batteries.

Also, there is a note that the SmartThings can be used to trigger a Siren; is there a recommended Siren Module to make this work?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(Christopher Masiello) #2

I have two of the Lowes Iris moisture sensors. They work great and they’re only $30. That’s $20 cheaper for the same basic thing.

(Raphael Turnerstone) #3

Thanks @vitamincm ! Do they do temperature also? Are they easy to add to SmartThings?

(Christopher Masiello) #4

They Do Not do temperature, but they are very easy to add to SmartThings. They immediately fire off a notification if you touch them with a wet towel, so I’m assuming they’ll do well if the real deal occurs.

(Andrew Urman) #5

@bigjay2050 the new SmartSense Moisture does do temperature.!/products/smartsense-moisture-sensor

(Raphael Turnerstone) #6

Thank you @urman, the temperature component is worth it to me for the extra money. It seems then that the only difference in the two units is appearance and battery type.


Is the $30 Lowes moisture sensor made by Utilitech? Battery type? Battery last a long time?
Thanks, I’m just getting started.

(Christopher Masiello) #8

Yes - it’s by Utiltech. It takes 3 AA batteries. They lasted abut 6 months before I changed them.


Thanks. Can you monitor the battery level on the ST app?

(Beckwith) #10

My unit seems to only report two battery levels within the first day I insert the batteries. Some have this issue and other don’t. I never contacted the manufacturer over the issue.

When I pop out the batteries and check them I have over 80% after six months. Go figure.

Monitoring battery level has been a pet peeve of mine, so this device isn’t significantly different than others on that front.

(Nicholas Wilde) #11

Low battery alerts are automatically handled by SmartThings. Low Battery Alerts

(Christopher Masiello) #12

Yeah - same here. Mine say 100% after 6 months. If I pull them out and reinsert them, they go down to 75%. That’s still pretty good for 6 months.

(David Lounsbury) #13

any chance of getting the original FortrezZ units to show temperature or participate in freeze alarm apps?

(DLee) #14

Anyone having issues with Fortezz battery reporting? I got 90% one day, down to 1% three days later. It’s a pain to get to but I’ll try pulling out batteries and reinserting this weekend.

2014-11-26 4:06:12.686 AM PST
1 day ago DEVICE battery 1 Crawlspace Moisture Sensor has a low battery
2014-11-23 5:53:12.096 AM PST
4 days ago DEVICE battery 90 Crawlspace Moisture Sensor battery is 90%
2014-11-11 2:52:22.777 AM PST
2 weeks ago DEVICE battery 91 Crawlspace Moisture Sensor battery is 91%
2014-11-07 1:49:04.496 AM PST
3 weeks ago DEVICE battery 92 Crawlspace Moisture Sensor battery is 92%

(Douglas Drake) #15

Having trouble installing the original Fortrezz moisture sensor…

SmartThings doesn’t appear to find it.


(Duncan) #16

@Badger51 If you haven’t already, try putting your hub in exclude mode and pushing the button twice. Then try to add it again.

(Douglas Drake) #17

Thanks, Duncan…I didn’t have the original instructions anymore…

But I did find some instructions on the web site and once I placed the sensor closer to the hub, it was recognized and I’m in business !