B36-S10 temp/humidity sensors

Hello everyone,
New to the community and smartthings. Strong IT background with some light coding / scripting experience but not a developer. Bought a ST Hub v3 which is hooked up to wifi at the moment. Its working fine and I’ve got several devices connected to it already.
I recently discontinued service with one of the alarm . com sub-companies, and I have (3) B36-S10 humidity / temperature sensors lying around (as well as a bunch of other alarm . com products) that of course, are not smartthings friendly.
Finding my way here after setting up my 4 accounts or so I need to have; I was able to pair in one of the B36’s through the ST phone app telling it it was a ST Temp/humidity smartsensor. I was able to get it added, renamed and room assigned, all that good stuff.
I then went into the IDE portal (?) and was able to edit the device type to a generic “Temperature Sensor”, which then after updating / saving at least began to pull the temp data from the sensor and I could see it in the ST app, if I tapped on the device tile. Unfortunately, it does not show the temperature on the tile; instead it displays the battery level (0%). I can of course still see the temp if I tap the tile; but the humidity portion is also reading 0%.
I was also able to get it to pull temp and sometimes health data (which doesn’t show in the tile) using other “types”. I tried “z-wave plus motion/temp sensor” and the “z-wave plus light/temp sensor”, which all pull the temp and not much else, and none are displaying it on the tile in the app first. I also tried the everspring ST814, which looks like its the same sensor except the battery is a cr2 instead of cr123.
I found the FCC registration for the device which shows pictures and a zwave? model number; I don’t know if thats helpful.

I tend to be a trial-and-error IT guy, and I’m usually really good at solving things, but I sense I could easily brick my temp sensors if I go mucking with the code on my own (especially when you don’t know how to backup the present config on the device, haha).
Has anyone else had an unsupported zwave temp/humidity sensor that they wouldn’t mind sharing what they had to do to make it work? I am fine with figuring it out on my own, just need some pointers on where to start, or an existing groovy file, or something.
Thanks in advance.

Update, I just tried the type SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor and I at least now have the current temp being reported on the tile in the ST app.
This is pretty sufficient for me, unless someone has a somewhat complete solution that would also fix the battery and humidity that still both show 0 in the tile.

Hi there,

first of, i am not sure if you wanted so but your email address appears as your identifier. You might want to update that in your profile.

regarding the reading since this is paired and you can access the temperature that could mean the humdity is coded differently from what the Device handler is decoding. You might try to dump in the logger different sequence varying humitidy (blowing on your sensor to “steam” it) and see where if the information so you can adapt the code. Hope it helps

Thank you Philippe. I did not know my email was showing (the setting for “never shown to public” had me thinking only I was seeing it; I realized chrome had auto-filled the field for me) so thanks for the heads up.
As far as “dumping the logger”, I can see the overall event log for all of ST and I can see the device level events if I go into one of these temp/humidity sensors, but as far as editing them or getting an existing .groovy file from them, I don’t see a way to do that. Care to point me in the right direction?
Much appreciated.

ok. Regarding your email, it still shows up. You see where my PPO16 name is, yours is still your email. This is not about the settings but about the NAME field. If it empty, maybe fill it with any value.

Regarding your issue now. There is a public github repository with a lot of Device Handlers (abbreviated DTH in this forum) here

You can try to instrument the DTH code you are using now, Smartsense code should be at this location, add some log.debug to dump the entire data you get from the sensor in its parse() function.

You should also have a look at the ST documentation as it deals with zigbee protocols with many example on how to parse data from sensors. If your sensor is a bit exotic, the code might need some adjustments.
Also make sure you have the right capabilities set up in the DTH where you see the capabilities defined. It will need: temperature measurements, relative humitidy, sensor, refresh at minimum.

I just looked at this topic via an incognito window, and its showing just my username / first name. So hopefully I got it fixed. If it still shows the email address on your end, maybe do an ignore cache refresh.
Thank you for all your help. I will be looking into the documentation and whether I want to dig through all this to try to make it work, or just buy a plug and play solution.