Visual temp/humidity indicators to supplement Smartthings devices?

Hey all,

I’ve got a variety of temperature and humidity sensors that I use in my Smartthings system I’ve been fairly happy with the bunch I’ve got now - reasonably accurate, good drivers, and good battery life.

I still find myself missing a visual indication of temperature and humidity where I have these sensors. For example, if I walk in my basement without my phone, I can’t get a quick read on current conditions if it feels damp.

I don’t want to invest in sensors that have both the visual indicator as well as the z-wave or zigbee connectivity (if they even exist), I’d like to find something reasonably accurate, which shows both temp and humidity, with good battery life that I can install nearby to get a quick visual. Something simple like this:

Reviews of these types of things aren’t great on Amazon, so I’m looking for some real-world experience for a decent quality item.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Also, do you currently have zigbee or Z wave devices in the basement that are working well? Just because it’s often hard to get signal into basement and garages.

I’ve been quite happy with the SwitchBot “meter“ at our house. It’s Bluetooth to its own hub, and then cloud to cloud to smartthings. The sensors are typically about $18 each, sometimes a little less, they seem to have a good battery life. They have their own little stand, or you can mount them on the wall. Available in both North America and the EU/UK.

You also need their mini hub to get the integration with smartthings. It lists at $40, but is often on sale for a little less. One mini hub can support up to 120 Switchbot devices.

Alternatively, you can get their new SwitchBot Hub 2. That one is a Matter device, but since smartthings does not yet support matter Bridges, for now, if you get that one, you will probably still have to use the same cloud to cloud integration. But it’s possible that in the future you’d be able to use a local matter Integration for it and bringing its sensors that way. But that’s not here yet.

We also have a SwitchBot Hub 2 at our house, and it works fine, as well as having its own thermometer/humidity display. So the total cost end# up being about the same if you count it as one of the sensors.

In this picture, you can see that the SwitchBot hub two is just a little bigger than the SwitchBot meter plus, but it has a lighted white display instead of the black e-ink display.

Both Switchbot hubs are plug-ins, so that’s another factor. Size is big enough to see, but smaller than a mobile phone.

So, like I said, these are what we are using at our house.

Here’s what they look like in the smartthings app:

Basic, but a good value, excellent range for the Wi-Fi devices, and we’ve had the meter for over a year and it’s been reliable. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Thanks @JDRoberts .

I was actually thinking of devices with 0 Smartthings connectivity, just to keep it simple. My system gets its readings from a mix of existing HVAC controllers, zigbee devices, and z-wave devices. I didn’t want to replace those so much as supplement them with a visual indicator.

Lol, I just noticed I wrote “Shartthings” instead of “Smartthings” in the title of this post. WIll see if I can edit.

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Check this out. Work great :+1:

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Thoughts on battery life? Does it get the 2 years they claim? Thanks.

But not so far off…

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I have not had it long enough to know but that’s one of the things I will be monitoring.

I have been using the Thirdreality Temp/Humidity sensor for many months and pleased with it:

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