Moes Smart Knob Help Needed


Since I am a newbie and driver coding is beyond me I want to ask if someone can help me with this :


I installed some drivers from @erickv and from somewhere else here but whenever I put it in pair mode my hub detects it as Zigbee Switch and it’s basicly blank.

Went to device and tried to change the driver but it’s not showing anything.After that went to and forced select the driver from there but it is giving me an error something related to fingerprint…

I want to use it to create diferent scenes with it. I have some Sonoff buttons and they work great but this thing is eating my patience.

If you can help let me know and if you need anything from my end please reply.

Thank you.

That device is made by Tuya and resold under the Moes brand name.

There’s already an edge driver working with some versions, so you should start by asking in that thread.

[ST Edge] Zigbee Driver for MOES 4-Button Scene Switch (TS004F)

If that driver doesn’t match, you may just need to ask in that thread that your device’s “fingerprint” (the manufacturer code and model) be added. You can get those from the device details page at

Here’s an example:

(I know you said you had already tried at least one of @ericv ‘s edge drivers and your device wouldn’t pair with it, but in the future, rather than starting a new thread, begin by asking the question in the thread for the driver that you thought would work, but paired as a generic device instead. Make sure you include the exact fingerprint of your device. Chances are, the driver just needs to have your fingerprint added to the list of devices it matches to.

Tuya is a major manufacturer of home automation, most of which are re-branded and sold by other companies using their own manufacturer code. So a single model can end up with literally dozens of different fingerprints even though they will all work with the same edge driver once their fingerprint is included.

any device whose product description includes the tuya logo or that says it works with the “smart life” app can run into this issue. So just start with a request to the author of the edge driver that you hoped would work and see if they can help.)

Thank you so much for the guide. Really helps and sorry for the clutter.

Hope I posted there the right thing.

Have a nice day.

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Hey there, i just bought the same rotary knob and I’m wondering if you got it to work with smartthings. Please lemme know