Moen U - Connected Shower Water Controller

Has anyone found an integration with - or been able to integrate to - the new Moen U connected shower controller? It appears to work via app over wifi. Brings shower to temp based upon presets (thermostatic). Multiple presets like a car seat. But the greatest value would come from being able to automate based upon day of week and presence.

I didn’t even know there was a WiFi-enabled shower.

That’s crazy, but it would definitely increase the WAF significantly if I put this in and it’s ST-enabled… :slight_smile:


If it’s also a wifi camera I’m not interested.

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I just thought I’d bump this thread to see if there was any solution to the U by Moen integration or not. I just installed one of these in our master shower and would love to integrate it.

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Wanting to bump it again, anyone got anything working with it? Even just getting the status would be great.

As with many devices these days, you can get partial integration through Amazon Alexa routines or HomeKit.

If you live in the US, the new “Custom automation” option in routines lets you automate any phrase you can speak to Alexa, which is very powerful.

But these are only partial integrations, I don’t think they’ll give you an actionable status. :thinking:

Thank you. Honestly what I really want to do is this: When shower is turned on, smart switch for bath fan turns on for 90 minutes. I may be able to figure that out with IFTT or Alexa.

I never did get it set up in SmartThings so I just use it through Google Home/Assistant and that works for most things I would want such as “Run Shower” or “Run Bath”. Now if I could automate the drain plug as well, I would be covered :slight_smile:

I just did this with Alexa routines. Works well. Also got a Yoolax smart shade on the automation to close the bathroom shade.

It’s not clean, but because U by Moen integrates with Alexa, you could create however many routines you need in Alexa that are triggered by a phrase, such as “start shower sequence one.” Then use whatever conditions you want to use to start that, you could link to that Alexa command via webcore and Ask Alexa. A bit of a hack, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.