Moes (Tuya) wifi Thermostat edge driver?

Hi. I have couple of moes brand wifi thermostats installed.

They work with smartlife app

However when I add smartlife to Smartthings app I can’t see thermostats. All my other bulbs are synced but thermostats are not showing in Smartthings

This is a wifi version

Is there any specific edge driver or can anyone develop the same

Thank you

To the best of my knowledge there are NO Edge Drivers for Tuya WiFi devices. There is only the official c2c (cloud to cloud) integration which is pretty limited in what is included.

In the Tuya or SmartLife App open the device tile, click on 3 dots or pencil in the upper right corner and the page that opens should list a 3rd Party Supported section. If SmartThings is not listed or the section is missing you are out of luck. There are work arounds for bulbs, switch, plugs, garage doors and others on/off devices. But there are not many for sensors and thermostats.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. Smartlife does work with Smartthings and all my other devices from Smartlife do sync automatically except the moes wifi Thermostats

Am just wondering when the app gets synced, then all the devices should be shown

How come Thermostats are not showing in Smartthings app.

I tried deleting and repairing the integration between 2 apps as well but my Thermostats are not showing in Smartthings app

They show in Smartlife app and also Alexa

Tuya only provides SmartThings integration if the vendor (Moes in this case) pays for it.

And the integrated devices are typically simple on/off devices like bulbs, plugs and switches.

Did you check in the Tuya app as suggested above to see if SmartThings integration is available for your device? If it is not listed there is not much you can do.

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Hi. Unfortunately Smartthings is not shown as 3rd party only for thermostats

Therefore no SmartThings integration is possible.

You might be able to get some partial integration with ST via Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT if they are listed as 3rd party controllers. So what do you want to do with the thermostat in ST?

Hi. I have integrated via Alexa routine and virtual switch in ST.

However I have moes zigbee switches. Each switch has 3 commands
Single press
Double press
Press n hold

Now I waste 2 commands of a single switch to turn on and turn off

If it was integrated in ST I could have used single press for off and on both as we have that option in st automation

Toggle off and on

So then I could have integrated other smart home products in the same switch

The routine limit was raised to 1000 a while back, so you should not run out of routines.


Hello @Paul_Oliver ,
just to ask if in the meanwhile is there any update on this.
I have a tuya wifi thermostat that is not available on ST even after connecting the accounts.
Many thanks for your kind support,

No changes that I know of.

Possibly the upcoming changes in Google Home routines might help you get some partial integration with virtual devices in ST.

Many thanks Paul,

I will double check,

Sorry Just a newbie question,
since I can see the thermostat in alexa, is it possible to pass through alexa to see the device in ST?


Temperature is not a trigger in Alexa, so that won’t work.

The proposed Google Home changes might make it possible. To date my Google Home app as not been updated, so I can say for sure.

I just checked, Google Home Routines already have some thermostat capabilities.

In the If (Starter) section you can only use mode change as a trigger.

In the Then (Action) section you can change the temperature set point and the mode.

So with ST virtual switches you could get some limited control or actions from ST.

Thank you @Paul_Oliver,

I just want to control remotely my thermostat, not sure this is enough, but I will have a look at it…