Bathroom routine - aeotech 6 humidity - smartthings automation routine?

so the devices -
aeotec multisensor 6- motion -humidity,
fibaro double switch 2 ,bathroom lights ,window lights
Qubino flush shutter DC-bathroom blind
sonoff basic zigbee module - extractor fan
to add sonoff mini diy (for heated mirror with switch )

so the basics ,
when i turn on the shower i would like on high humidity and maybe movement, to close the blinds ( half of me is in front of a window !) turn on the extractor fan , turn off the bathroom lights - turn on the window lights ( light would be in front of the window not behind me causing a shadow ! ) turn on the mirror ( eventually add alexa playing the radio through the bathroom speakers but ok with just asking her for now )

then on low humidity and no movement i want the reverse , to me seems a simple thing ,
so far i’ve tried adding and stringing some smart-apps together ,lighting- fan controller then created a shower and end shower routine ,

main problem the multisensor 6 , so much steam i cant see my hand in front of my face , won’t trigger on high humidity >70%
it is on permanent power via usb

so shower routine - alexa cant understand it - but by the app ,fan will start - window lights on - blind sometimes 50% mostly dead
end shower routine , fan turns off - window lights turnoff - blind don’t move !

have tried via an app - when blind is @ 100 closed it starts shower routine - nope

really dont wont to have to carry my phone to have a shower or buy additional sensors ( multi 6 ! )

manually operating the blinds works perfectly via a momentary switch,
1 press down 100% close , 1 press up 100 % open same in the device app , and can stop partially
alexa dosent recognise as a blind / shutter … so asking her to close /open wont work,
so the Qubino to me is working
lights and fan work so again the fibaro and sonoff are not the culprits ,

aeotec is a problem, am i not understanding the concept of humidity espec when it can show 100% ?
60 notes on a dud sensor + 20 for the recessor

smartthings routines ? why wont it close the blinds 100% instead of 50 if it moves them and why can’t it open them at all?

bit of a vent and long explanation but truly looking for ideas and help , would have been so much easier to hard wire

guessing either webcore or sharptools may have the answer but tried to keep it locally and as i work away a lot,
not had a great deal of opportunity to start to get my head round them or see if its working

cheers in advance

Most battery powered humidity sensors only report once every 10 minutes or so in order to save battery life. This has caused a lot of confusion when people are trying to automate due to a shower.

The Aeotec is a little better than this, It reports humidity every eight minutes, but then you run into the problem that the air may already be quite humid, so you may not catch what you’re looking for.

@rayzurbock Spent a lot of time about five years ago in the early days of smartthings creating a custom smart app to handle the “ Taking a shower“ situation. Although these days we would probably approach the same use case using webcore, he made a very important comment that may be helpful:

Developed / Tested with Aeon Multisensor which by default sends humidity every 8 minutes. We need to detect that humidity is rising with 1 reading as most people will want this to kick in by the 8 minute period and not 2 polls which would be 16 minutes. To do so we calculate the average temp over a period of readings (4 by default), then if the humidity is higher than the average and higher than the last reading, it is determined that humidity level is trending upward, so we adjust the off timer to extend light run time.

Since he first introduced that idea, many people have adopted the same approach of tracking the humidity over the last 12 hours or 24 hours and looking for a rapid increase. If you ask over in Webcore forum, there are probably people who already have pistons to do this. :sunglasses:

If you want a near instantaneous set of events to occur as soon as you turn on the shower, these days most people either do that with a voice command or with a push on a button. That way you don’t have to wait the eight minutes for the humidity report.

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cheers fella,
a concise explanation ,
i just though with the aeotec being permanently powered the polling could be a minute if not quicker i think i may using a device handler / smartapp from @rayzurbock
just tried a curve ball just saw a notification that my bathroom blinds were connected to alexa ,
christ knows why today they have been there for 6 weeks but did do a zwave repair on the hub this afternoon ,a neo coolcam sensor had been playing up in the garden ,anyway

alexa routine - start shower blinds 0 - fan on - window lights on - bathroom lights of - absolute radio on for 30 mins -----
lights don’t change state but fans and blinds work ,
end shower same blinds and fan off lights don’t change and wont stop the radio but put that on a timer ,
did try a pause but minimum is 5 secs to see if that would help but no
so maybe a combination with a virtual switch in smartthings ?

I use a Smartthings multi taped the my shower head. The accelerometer is incredibly sensitive so this fires as soon as I turn the shower on. Requiring a light being on at the same time stops false positives. I also have it turn up the music when the fan is on, but that part is kinda extra :wink:


That’s creative!!! (I use an Iris motion sensor on shelf in shower that doesn’t get wet that triggers when I pull back the shower curtain). Love your idea, though!

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The Xiaomi/Aqara humidity sensor report on every change in temp and humidity (minus a couple of seconds). I am using one for controlling my bath vent… Still going strong with stock battery after 18 months…

alexa has now stopped reconising either start shower or stop :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: