Aeotec & GE smartswitches & U by Moen - Bathroom use case. Help needed

I have redone my bathroom and installed GE smart switches an Aeotec Multisnesor 6 and a U by Moen shower system and a shower light.

I have it set up that when I turn on the (U by Moen) shower the multisensor 6 will turn on the Bathroom fan and shower light when the humidity reaches a certain level using a smart app in smartthings.

What I can’t figure out is how to turn off the fan and light when the humidity drops to an acceptable level, what am I missing?

What rule engine are you using?

If webCoRE, then post a Screen Shot of your Piston. If not webCoRE, then stop here, install webCoRE and never look back!


I’m just using smarthings standard smart app. I have not gotten beyond basic webCoRE (installation user videos etc) but haven’t dedicated the time to really investing in getting to know it. If that is the “right” way do do this type of thing i need to get smart about it.

I was thinking that I would need to do webCoRE for some of the more interesting use cases I wnat to implement. IE turn on attic fan when personal weather station inidcates outside temp is lower thatn inside temp and windo or door is open and do not turn on when raining.
Will ist handle that typ of complexity?

Are you using the multisensor to monitor humidity? If so, the humidity alert smart app might work. It allows you to control a switch based on high or low levels of humidity. I haven’t tried it for this purpose yet though.

You can use webCoRE for simple and complex things. It really should be the stock rule engine.

If humidity rises above x
With Fan and Light
Turn on

If humidity drops below x
Then with Fan and light
Turn off

It really that simple in webCoRE

If your U is a thing in ST, you could add
U is on

I know your trying to use humidity as the control. Could you not just go simple and when you open the door and no motion turn it all off?
Just need a door sensor, unless you already have it.

I’ve set up a piston to control it, hopefully it will work… I like humidity being the trigger because I want it to run after someone leaves the bathroom to eliminate the humidity, I have motion controlling the lighting though.

I think I’m missing something it won’t shut off. Any ideas?

Does the humidity actually reaches below 56%?

You are using conditions and not triggers

Triggers like rises above or drops below makes things happen when the trigger is met.

Conditions will make the Piston run when the conditions are true.

You need to move the off humidity if statement out from under the on humidity if statement and into its own if statement.

Does this mean that you got the Moen controller to show up in Smartthings? I just got the valves and controller installed (not connected yet), and wondering what I’ll be able to do with it via ST.

No I don’t have the Moen U working with SmartThings