Scenes and Routines aren't changing modes

I’m starting a new thread since my problem isn’t what I thought it was.

Starting at least a week ago, my scenes and routines can’t change my location’s mode. I have the standard modes (Home, Away, and Night) plus one called “Late Night”. I’ve noticed a problem with my routines and I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that my scenes and routines aren’t changing the mode.

To keep it simple, I created a new scene called “bedtime” that only changes the mode to Late Night. And one called “wake up” that only changes the mode to Home. When I’m in the edit screen, I click on “Test Scene”. It gives me the green check and when I go to see the status, the mode is changed.

However, when I’m just on the Automations tab in the app and I click on the Play button for that scene, the mode does not change. The Play button turns into a green check as if it had completed successfully, but the mode does not change.

I have the same problem in my routines. I can have a routine that just sets the mode or one that runs a scene. But neither one will actually change the mode. I can change the mode in the app manually, or I can change it by running a scene while in edit mode. But not by playing the scene or in an automation.

Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas as to what to do?

Can you post screenshots for these Routines and Scenes so we can see exactly how you are performing these tasks?

Sure. Here’s the scene.

Posted on the other thread but for continuity here:

I have three modes: Home, Away, and Gone with corresponding Scenes to set each mode.

I tried playing each of my Scenes from the Automation page and all worked as expected.

iOS 16.4?

and have you tried rebooting your hub? (even though I doubt it will have any impact)

Yeah, I just did that. Removed the batteries and let it sit unplugged for 10 minutes. No difference.

The app shows firmware 000.047.00010, which I think is the latest.

It shows Controller version 2.3.17-11. I don’t know what that means.

sorry, was asking if you are using iOS or Android

iOS. iPhone and iPad showing the same behavior. So is the web site, though. Even when I go to and click on the scene, it doesn’t work. I did that on the web site, then went into the app. The History on the app says “bedtime” and “routine activated”. But the mode doesn’t change.

report the issue to ST support if you haven’t already

OK, I’ll give that a shot.

Is there any other way to get what I need without modes? Here’s what I do:

Every day at sunset the walkway lights turn on. Every day at 11:59 PM they turn off. That’s fine.

What I want to do is have my Ring motion sensors turn on the walkway lights for 10 minutes when they detect motion. But only between midnight and sunrise. I can’t find a way to do that with a time precondition because the only options are to be between specific times or between sunset and sunrise.

I don’t want it running between sunset and midnight. Because what happens is the motion is detected, say at 8:34 PM. The lights “come on”, but of course, they’re already on so nothing changes. But, then they turn off at 8:44. Which is not what I want.

So I used modes and tied my motion sensing routine to the mode.

Is there another way to do it?

Also, if I wanted to buy a new hub (current one is STH-ETH-250 which I believe is V2?), what should I get? I haven’t kept up. Is the V3 manufactured by Aeotec now?

Correct. But I’m on a V2 hub and not giving the issue you’re seeing.

Yeah, that’s why I think I might need to replace it with a new one.

don’t rush to get a new one. doubt your issue is tied to the hub.

For mixed relative and specific time constraints, I use a virtual switch to maintain the state. For you, turn on virtual switch at midnight and turn off at sunrise. Then in your Routine, if virtual switch is on (precondition).

That’s exactly what I was trying to do with modes. How do you create a virtual switch? I haven’t coded anything, just used the app to create routines.

Super easy. Install the vEdge Creator Edge driver from @TAustin. It will install the main creator device in whatever room your hub is in. Use that device to create the virtual switch. In the device panel for the virtual switch, set the on and off times and the app will create those Routines for you. You can even name the virtual switch so that it’s clear in your Routines what it represents, i.e. Nighttime, Overnight, Late Night, etc. Added bonus, since it’s an Edge driver, it executes locally vs Scenes.

Try disabling the routines for all of your non-test modes, then run the scene, it maybe that your non-test mode routines are running immediately after you activate a test scene. It’s hard to know if this is the issue without knowing your routines.

You could also use @Mariano_Colmenarejo Virtual Calendar Mc to setup your time periods.