Mode changes to Home broken

Since yesterday I’m finding the the mode aren’t changing when set through Smart Apps or through the Routines. I come home and unlock my door using my code and it’s supposed to change the mode, I check the logs and sure enough the mode change code was run but the platform didn’t change the mode and my alarm went off when I walked in.

Then I run manual test, routine goodbye. Away Mode. Routine I’m disarm (custom routine) and it doens’t change back to Home.

Something broken with changing back to Home. Anyone else seeing this? I’m pretty frustrated here.

Weird stuff, I changed it to Night and then back to Home in the routine and it started working again.

Plus I found another change that was done on the platform recently. When using


Earlier (till yesterday) it to work when mode was an array (even if it’s a single array), it shouldn’t have but it did. They fixed it and now it doesn’t. So make sure that mode isn’t set to multiple when selecting the inputs.