Automation going haywire (March 2018)


We moved into our new house two weeks ago and I’ve been slowly setting up my “things” My first mission was to set up schedule for the outdoor lights. So, I changed out the switches for some GE Z waves, and set up a few routines. Everything seemed right with the world and the lights seemed to follow the schedule perfectly. However, over the last few days I’ve noticed the lights being on at random times. I had to run home at lunch today and the lights were on. I executed the routine and they all turned off. I noticed something similar yesterday. I double checked all of the routines and it all looks correct. I can’t think of anything that has changed over the last few days (i.e. equipment, network, etc.) other than adding a couple Hue bulbs that are totally unrelated to the outdoor lights. Below are the scenarios that I have set up. Let me know if I’m missing something or there is a better way to do this.
Outdoor lights ON (Morning) - Lights on 1 hour before sunrise
Outdoor lights OFF (Morning) - Lights off 30 minutes after sunrise
Outdoor lights ON (Night) - Lights on 30 minutes before sunset
Outdoor lights OFF (Night) - Lights off at 11:00pm

Like I said, all worked well for a while. The lights were on when I left for work, were off when I came home, turned on a little later and off at 11:00. It just seems like it’s gotten scrambled in the last couple days. I did update my location last night, which I hadn’t done before. But, I don’t really see how that could cause this.

(Dan) #2

I do not believe ST Routines can run locally on your hub, so you may be feeling some of the recent ST cloud problems.

I recommend you try using ‘Smart Lighting’ instead of Routines to control your Z-Wave lights, as those should all run locally assuming you’re using stock device handlers. This will result in more reliable performance. Local processing is much more reliable than cloud processing.


Contact support and let them look at it. Some people have reported problems with lights since daylight saving time changed, and in particular with routines that used an offset from sunset or sunrise, which it looks like you are doing.

(Steve Jackson) #4

Since the outage a few days ago, I have had some automations not working as they have been working for months. I tried the old standby of opening the automations and just hitting save again which has always fixed these in the past. For a few of the non-functioning automations, I have had to delete them and set them back up. For me, these automations have consisted of CoRe and WebCoRe pistons as well as a routine or two. The similarity I see with you is that my non-functioning automations were either time based or had a timer embedded in the piston. I suppose this could also be attributed to a bug in the DST change but, it’s difficult for me to tell which may be the culprit as I had company over this period and some of my home automations are disabled when I put my house in guest mode,


Well, I went ahead and removed the routines and set everything back up using Smart Lighting. I didn’t see the other replies until I had already redone everything. We’ll see how this works tonight and will contact support if needed.

(Dan) #6

I hope Smart Lighting solves the issues you’ve seen. I have run all of my lighting automations with it ever since the v2 hub was released and it has always been pretty darn solid for straightforward tasks.


Good to know that it has worked well for you. This is all so new to me. I didn’t even realize there was a difference between just setting up a routine and using another smart app.

(Jared) #8

Routines based around certain times have not functioned correctly since last Sunday for me either. I’m pretty sure Smartthings broke something around the time Daylight savings changed but are not disclosing it to us for whatever reason. Take a hint smartthings, transparency is a lot better than trying to ignore or hide it.

Not sure why they aren’t mentioning it or even saying they are working on fixing it. They are probably too busy working on whatever it was that made the system go down for over 24 hours the other day. Frustrating to say the least but I have given up relying on this system. It has been breaking for me every couple of weeks since the new year.

(Michael Torgerson) #9

I am having the same problems. My smartlights programs aren’t working right at all. The time is way off.

I also have my good night routine set up to fire after 10:15pm when things quiet down. The past few days it has been going off at 7:30pm with people walking around the house.

Something is def broke.

(Micheal ) #10

Check…there is an active set of issues going on right now…Troubleshooting with another user that is having logging issues, and not sure these are the same as the issues you are having, but to be honest, with everything interconnected I don’t trust anything working when that page is not green. :slight_smile:

(Tom Armstrong) #11

Now shows “Resolved” and operations “Normal”

(Jared) #12

Too bad that’s not true for smart lighting automations…