Modes Automatically Running at Sunset & Sunrise

I’m hoping someone in here can help resolve an issue that keeps happening in which I get push notifications and notifications within the iOS app saying “Performing ‘Night Mode’ as you requested.” but yet I have no routine named Night Mode and the system doesn’t actually go into night mode. The only thing that I’ve found is that it always happens at sunset. Any ideas?

I wouldn’t rely on the app for checking to see if your in night mode or not. You should check the ide just to be sure. My app routinely fails to show night mode even though I know the mode was changed to night.

That being said, if you have confirmed that you have no routine or app making this change and your sure the hub is actually going into night mode, i would say you should contact support.

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Is probably a routine, set to automatically perform at sunset

I just wanted to add that I don’t have a routine named night mode nor do I have any that put the system into night mode automatically.

Another thing I discovered this morning is that it is automatically going into home Mode at sunset. I do have a routine named home mode but it’s set to run when things turn on.

Smart Apps and Routines can control mode changes. Can you verify that these aren’t responsible?