Issues with modes automatically switching at specific times

I went into my routine’s section. I set up a few routines and that is how I change my modes: away, home and night. When I set them to trigger at a specific time for some reason it is not changing my mode. For instance, I have a routine that changes my mode to night. It’s turned off my lights in my living room. It is supposed to change the mode the from home to night. It does not change the mode to night at 10:30 like it is supposed to.

All of my modes are controlled by routines that’s a fire at a specific time. If I manually click on a routine to change the mode will that disrupt the entire schedule?

I have no other rules that are changing my modes so I don’t know why this is happening

I’m guessing you have conflicting rules / smartapps dictating your mode changes.
Scratch that since I just read your second comment.

Have you checked the “Notifications” section in the app to see what’s firing and when?

I had one fire on time this morning for turning on my lamp and sound. Also, at sunset it switches to Night mode at the perfect time… I know that’s not what you’re wanting to hear! :smile:

Nothing in notifications to make me concerned. If I manually push my “night” routine an hour earlier at 9:30 than it’s supposed to start (10:30), my “home” mode is supposed to trigger at 6am automatically. Will it stay in night mode because I manually pushed it the night before 930? Or will it trigger home at 6 AM like it supposed to?

I’d venture to say it SHOULD theoretically still switch to Home at 6 AM… Unless there is some sort of hidden exception rule somewhere that is causing it to not change.

Routines have been incredibly flakey for months now. Manually changing them will not affect the next scheduled run. Some days I have to manually run some of my time based routines 3-6 times to get them to fully complete everything in the routine. Then the next time based routine still attempts to run on the defined schedule.