Night to Home mode change does not reflect correctly in iOS app

Already opened a ticket. The Good Morning routine triggers and successfully changes the mode but incorrect mode (Night) is displayed in the ST mobile app (iOS) till you force kill the app and relaunch.

This bug was fixed in earlier version but has reappeared again.


Ditto. Seeing the same thing. Though, closing the app and relaunching it seems to fix the issue.
(Until the next time…)

Reported this issue to the help desk. This issue was present in a previous version of the app as well.

It was fixed at some point but reappeared.

I use SmartTiles for all mode changes… But thanks for pointing this out.

Just to clarify. The mode change actually happens. It’s only that your iOS ST app still shows Night instead of Home once the Good Morning routine is triggered automatically. Basically a PITA, having to kill the app to show the right mode.

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Yea I’ve seen a lot of indication on the former Dashboard screen not update in realtime. Same with lock and open / close sensors.

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