Mobile presence sensor unreliable and not working at times

There’s 4 phones in the family. 3 Android 1 iOS. The iOS device rarely works. The Androids work but not all the time. It’s often delayed quite a bit. I will get home and the motion will be detected and send me a notification, but will still show away in the classic app. I’ve tried the classic app along with the new one. The new one works better than classic but still not well enough. Is there some fix for this?

Also, I would like the mobile sensor to change the smart home monitor state so I can use that instead of home/away/night. Is that not an option?

Regarding the presence sensors not working correctly, if you search you will find MANY threads discussing this ad nauseum.

Regarding the mobile sensor changing the SHM state, you can do that with a Routine in the Classic app. Condition the routine to run based upon presence. i.e. when everybody leaves, etc.

Yes, many threads on the subject. I’ll just add that I had almost flawless Android presence for 4 years until I went to a Pixel XL with Pie last year and now it’s useless. I have an ST presence sensor in my vehicle now tied to a virtual presence sensor that includes my phone just to get back 95% of my comings and goings.

Interesting that you have found the IOS devices not working as well. I use IOS (Iphone XS) and that works 99% of the time. However I have found at my 2nd location the use of an old Samsung is very unreliable.

I have put this down to the poor phone signal in that area ,but I’m not sure how the mobile presence actually works, does it rely on 4G signal ? I assume it does.

It is not an option if you are using the new app, “SmartThings ( Samsung connect)”.

It is an option if you are using the old app, SmartThings classic, but we have been told that that app will be going away eventually, so you might not want to set that up.

SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings Classic" (the V2 app) and “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” (the V3 app)

Meanwhile, the following FAQ on presence might be of interest. ( The topic title is a clickable link)

I wish they had an option to use WiFi too. At home everyone automatically connects to the wifi network. Is there any way to replicate multiple people presence with IFTTT?

Yes, see the FAQ link for details. There are also details there about ways to use Wi-Fi. :sunglasses:

FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence (2020)

Keep in mind that WiFi may not be as responsive as you’d like. It will work, but maybe not as quickly as you’d think. This is because, at least for Androids, the WiFi does not always immediately connect to your router. So if you are happy with presence being detected within some minutes after arrival, that will work. But if you want presence to always be detected before you want into your house, for example, then it may not be 100% reliable.

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From personal experience, my S8+ only works consistenly when connected to car with Android Auto and Waze running. It’s not consistent in any other way, not even with Google maps.

I am trying to use the new app as it works better to detect presence. I hope they add it in soon to the new one

2 of the androids are pixel 2 xl on pie. they work fine most of the time with the new app although i had to disable battery optimization for them