Changing Security status from home to away (with presense sensors) not working in new app

I have the new app installed. Now my Samsung presence sensors do not change the status anymore.
In the old app the status went from Home to Away when no presence sensors were detected for 10 minutes. Now nothing happens anymore.
Any ideas?

I believe you will need to provide more details. Were the presence sensors working in the new app previously? Or are you just starting the migration to the new app? Have you set up automations in the new app to manage presence and STHM status? My first thought is perhaps you don’t realize that SHM in the Classic and STHM in the new app are completely separate and what happens in one does not happen in the other.

The presence sensors (i have 2 of them) were already present in the previously (classic) app. The app does notice if we (the sensors) are at home or away. So it sees the presence sensors properly.

I already migrated to the new app and removed the classic app from my mobile.
The rules for the sensors for HOME or AWAY did not migrate to the new app.
What I have done is:

  • made an automation rule: presence sensors 1 or 2 present - turn to location Arrived
  • made an automation rule: when presence sensor 1 and 2 away - turn location Away (so alarm is set)

That’s it… but nothing happens with the status and stays on Arrived.
It this information sufficient? Let me know what I can try and/or test.


What presence sensors… a physical sensor or the phone as a presence sensor? If using the phone presence sensors that you install from the Classic app, they would no longer function once you uninstalled the Classic app. Unless you are using a physical sensor. So my recommendation would be to enable phone location in the new app and adjust your automations to use it.

I have the Samsung Presence Sensor(s) V1 which kinda worked for the most part with the old SmartThings app, but they don’t seem to work as reliable using the new SmartThings app even after deleting and re-adding them to the new app. So, I’ve taken the batteries out of them and tossed them in the drawer many months ago.

I’m now using the geolocation on the Samsung SmartPhone(s) as SmartThings presence sensors which has become more reliable over time since I first migrated over to the new SmartThings app.