Phone presense sensor on new App not reliable

Since updating to the new app we cannot get the mobile presence sensor to consistently work. On the old it worked perfect but due to the old app not working correct we were advised by Samsung to update to the new App. Since then it has almost always never worked. Occasionally it does. It won’t detect us leaving or arriving. Sometimes it detected us about 2 hours later. The phones are Samsung S9’s. All permissions look correct.

Looking on google this is a common issue. However, nobody seems to have cured it. I can only hazard a guess it’s something to do with the new App as the old classic one was perfect for years. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no success.

Does anyone on here have this issue and how did they resolve it. There was an App update the other day. This hasn’t cured it.


It works every time for me using the new App since I uninstalled the classic App. I read in some thread not to have the new and classic app installed together on the same device. Hope this helps.

The mobile presence issue with the classic app was resolved with an update, so you might try removing the mobile presence created by the new app and then recreating presence with the classic app. Seems to be really hit and miss whether this will work or not though. Presence works fine on my wife’s phone with either app, but my phone seems to be much more reliable using the presence from the classic app.

I think you may have misunderstood, having both apps installed on the same device is very common and shouldn’t cause any issues. Where some people were having trouble was having mobile presence created by both apps on the same device. As long as you only use the mobile presence created by one of the apps and not both you should be ok.

Hi, Just to clarify the old classic app was totally removed from the mobiles. It may be the case we have to ditch the new app, reinstall the classic app and start all over again. The reason we had to go to the new app was that Samsung broke the presence sensor in the old app and then told us the old app was being withdrawn and we had to move to the new app. To be brutally honest the support from Samsung has been shocking. They are releasing software that clearly does not work and has numerous bugs. We have wasted hours on this. Does anyone know how long the old classic app will be supported as that actually worked until it was broke in November.

MinerJason does the presence sensor on the new app work correctly for you. If so what phone is this on. Ours are Galaxy S9. Cheers

Wife and I both have Pixel 2’s running Android 10, and have both apps installed. Previously both were using presence on classic and working well until app version 2.18 broke it in mid Nov. Started using new app, worked fine on wife’s phone, not as well on my phone. Update to classic app version 2.18.1 on Nov 28th seemed to fix the issues.

I’ve tried out both on my phone, and only had major issues when I had presence sensors from both classic and new running on the same phone at the same time. Both work well for me now (if used individually), but the presence created by the new app is just slightly less reliable for me so I’m currently using the presence created by the classic app.

Hi MinerJason
Ours are Android 9 having just checked (10 isn’t out for the S9 at the moment from checking). I think I’ll look at reverting to the classic app as that used to work fine. Weird how it works fine for you as I cannot see anything my end that would cause these issues.


I was having all kinds of pressence mess for over a year so I created a virtual presence and tied my cell and a presence sensor on my vehicle to that. I then setup Life360 and just used that for a month or 2; seemed to be accurate but needs cell data so not a solution for my wife’s phone.
I have noticed that the native cell presence is working as well as Life360 so I’m back to ST. We’ll see how that goes again.

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