Mobile Presence Issues? (November 2016)

Is anybody having issues with their presence sensors lately - more specifically - the presence sensors on your phone (both Android and iOS).

Over the past week or so, my hub isn’t recording that mobile devices have arrived (or left). It seems intermittent and not just limited to one OS i.e. Android vs. iOS

Earlier this week, my android phone didn’t change my status to ‘arrived’ and similarly this morning my wifes iPhone didn’t change her status to ‘left’.

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Yep… My Nexus 5x with Android 7 has been troublesome of late…

Either not picking up my location soon enough (despite my geo fence around my house now being 1 mile!), but also randomly leaving especially over night… very annoying as I use it to switch on/off lights!

Not figured out what’s causing it yet, but it seems to be getting worse!

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Glad it’s not just me then!

It’s great that lot of my other devices do the whizz-bang sort of stuff, but if your presence sensors don’t work correctly then you’re stuffed!

same here, been playing up for a while now, cant rely on it as a home security system at the moment