Android Mobile Presence - Status Inactive

Hi All - Not seen any recent threads on this topic, but I have a new starter kit, which had mobile presence working fine till i had to shutdown my hub (remove batteries and power) for 15-20 mins due to some issues with my multi-purpose sensors. When the hub came back up, a bunch of my sensors required re-inserting battery to join back. However my android phone on the api browser still says status “inactive”. How do I fix this - i tried killing the app and restarting the phone, but that did not work. Should I remove my phone from the hub and/or re-install the app? It shows the phone as being ‘present’ from yesterday evening when i came back home, but status ‘inactive’.

Any guidance would be great!

Remove it as a presence device by going into the device on the app, hitting the gear icon and then remove. After that go got add new things, sensors, presence sensors, mobile phone and continue from there.

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Thanks just did that! All good now :slight_smile:

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Also good to remember to repeat those steps when you get a new phone. Just saw that my phone was shown as last present in Sept, when I upgraded.

so those steps helped but presence is now flakey - i was out for a whole hour and it showed me as present the whole while, till the last 3 minutes when I approached the garage - it then moved me away and back in the last 3 minutes of my journey! I am going to uninstall the app, restart phone and then reinstall the app and then do those steps. That should do the trick :slight_smile:

I have had a year and a half of reliable phone presence and in the last month I have been at home for days when I’m not and left the house multiple times while sitting on the couch. ST has sent me the links to a FAQ but to no avail. I have re-added my phone 3 times and it weeks for a couple of days then dead again. I have 3 real presence sensors for the vehicles but it was just an annoyance to have something else on my key chain. Might have to go back to the ol’ fob again though :frowning:

Well for now my android app is using high accuracy location setting (the default?) and I’ve increased the circle around my house and so far in last 12-15 hours it seems to be working. With the circle too small it was showing me as away a lot when I was at home.
I remember reading somewhere on a poll here that low accuracy or battery saving mode for location accuracy is the better setting?

Where do you find those settings (high accuracy and size of circle)? For my phone the default driver is the Mobile Presence driver but that is stupid unreliable and does not appear to have those settings. Is there a better driver to use that is more reliable?

I agree with ALAN MILES.