SmartThings Nov. 10 Infrastructure Update

Wow, I’m glad I spent the night at the GF’s house last night. On the plus side, one of the buttons on my scene controller worked on the first try, which is unusual.

I’ve been seeing this in echosistant since this morning along with the red banner saying error saving page.

Pics, or it didn’t happen.


Was this update only on the NA01 shard? I didn’t get a notification about the update (and I don’t believe I experienced any issues). I’m on the NA02 shard.

Yep :slight_smile:

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That’s must be coming from your new updates, because is nothing on line 224 that can be null on existing app. You may want to post the 224 line of code so @slagle can see where is coming from.

Thanks @slagle

Not seeing any improvements, events are still committing very late, excessive cloud exec times still exist…
5 to 10 minute delays, in event writes., then minimum delays…
Seems to be worse with presence related events, but who knows…

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Did you move to London and not tell us? :wink:


I run 3x V2 hubs and only my one V1 hub is acting up after the Nov 10 cloud changes. There are weird error values for Aeon Zwave devices Multisensor and Power Meter that triggered alerts. Yesterday I got a smartapp message that my little vacation cabin was using 100x the normal energy in away mode (8200 watts). Then today my heart skipped a beat when the multisensor warned the kitchen was 24.9’F. In the logs I could see the devices posted normal values within a minute of these freak values. I re-saved the apps and rebooted the V1 just now.

After the initial issues preventing change of SHM states was fixed, no issues at all on my two hubs. Nice, quick response to that issue, guys. Thanks!

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So I came in this morning and my presence as detected (as normal) and the lights in the living room went on. I still have to figure out how to make that not happen in daytime but for now, all good. I pressed a button on a Leviton scene controller to turn them off and to my amazement, they went off, on the first try! That’s nearly unheard of.

Anyone else notice anything different today?

See the existing active discussion:

Not sure if you are after an answer but you could use a luminance sensor or add a time trigger.
Perhaps Sunrise +30 minutes to sunset -30 minutes.

i have an IFTTT routine to turn SHM in home mode when i turn of my alarm. none of my Pistons or IFTTT routines worked today… Alarms were buzzing and the lights came on when it detected motion. Drove the dog nuts…

I edited the stock “I’m Back” automation to turn on lights when my phone is detected. I can’t see a way to set a time limit, can it be done from here?

You could try using the Smart Lighting app.
Select your light.
What do you want to do - Turn On.
Select trigger - When mode changes - Home.
Only during a certain time - You can then select your between times.


“I’m back” is a routine, right? It appears on routines tab under automations?

That has a start time, but not a time range. Most people would do something like that using mode. For example, at my house the mode is automatically set to “home” at 7 AM. then it gets set to “night” at sunset. And I manually change it to “asleep” when I go to bed.

When the mode is “home”, The motion sensor in my bedroom is ignored.

When the mode is “night,” the motion sensor in my bedroom turns on an overhead light.

When the mode is “asleep,” the motion sensor in my bedroom does not turn on the overhead light, but instead turns on a soft night light on the wall.

Alternatively, as @bobbles suggested, instead of using routines, you could use the official smart lighting feature, which does allow for a specific time range on an individual rule.

As often happens, SmartThings is both flexible and versatile in this regard, but not very intuitive. :wink:

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Okay thanks everyone, I just set the SmartLighting app to turn the lights on when mode changed to Home, if mode is currently Away, and if its between sunset+20 and sunrise-20. We’ll see how well that works.

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I can’t create new device anymore it gives me an error

500: Internal Server Error