Mobile Presence in new SmartThings app?

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Very quick question, how does mobile presence work in the new SmartThings app? How do you add a mobile presence device?

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No one should be using the new app yet as it’s only for those with Samsung accounts and not ST accounts. So, no one will be able to answer your question until we actually all start using it. Patience.


I already have a Samsung account with the new app (i have a Samsung S8 with it pre-installed), and i have already migrated as i was orginally part of the beta. So i believe there will be people out there already using it…

So my question remains.


I don’t think they have added that functionality to the app yet. No Geofence perimeter / location setup, etc… it has very basic functionality and isn’t ready for primetime. My phone as a device shows in blue so that isn’t compatible as well.

They aren’t going to answer any questions until it is ready to go live and people can migrate/cutover.

So if you have the ability / access to the app then you can get a feel for what is there right now, which isn’t a lot. Automations is really all you can play with right now.

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Thanks for your response.

I believe the app is in a live state as Smartthings/ samsung is actively encouraging new users to use the new app now.

You cannot try the new app until your account is migrated to a Samsung account. This is posted all over the forum and detailed in the email that you received.

It would appear Ryan’s sole purpose in life is to babysit which official app people are using since that’s all he’s posted about the past 3 days.

Anyways, when I logged into the new app after the update, it created a new mobile presence device for me. But it didn’t do anything. I believe it changed once to away and then never changed after that. So I deleted it. I dont even see a way to manually add it in the new app.

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My account has been migrated.

I am using the new connect app as well, tbh it is early days and is being worked on every day, without doubt it has been released a bit earlier in its development than people would expect, especialy due to the nature of the uses ST gets put too, Ryan is a little miss informed but it is true to say the connect app, its new options and usability are not yet fully ready, so dont expect to get much help yet as you are asking questions about something that is not finished and at best has basic usability

I just wish there was an official statement with relevant comments at the top of the forum to keep everyone informed of what why and when

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It isn’t so early now and I still don’t have presence available. Any word on this feature and when it’s going to be available? It’s the most useful part of the app!

The device doesn’t show up in the list, but my
Mobile presence that i setup in Classic forever ago is available in custom rules and works fine.

I’m not sure if this is new or not, but as of this writing (April 24), the official supportbase article does say that you can create Custom automations in the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” mobile app.

Tap Based on my location to trigger an Automation when your phone arrives or departs from your Location’s geolocation.

I might be misreading it, but it looks like any phone that you are running the STSC app on Will count as “presence“ for this purpose. I’m not sure if you can trigger based on anyone else’s phone or other devices like the presence sensor. You would need to check with support on that.



It sort of works. My old devices are also in there and there’s no way to tell which are which.

Also you can set home or away but there doesn’t appear to be any way in the app to define what happens when home or away. (i.e. unlock or lock the doors)

My locks aren’t showing up yet, so I don’t know about them specifically. But if you tap the Automations tab, then tap the + sign in the upper left, and choose custom automation, you can choose actions based on Mode.

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STSC pulled both my presence and my wife’s presence sensors over (we are using our phones as presence sensors). My wife dose not have the STSC app installed so I dont think that is required for the sensor to be used in the app.

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