Mobile Presence Beta! (iOS Only)

Hey all!

We have been hard at work re-working the mobile presence backend for iOS users. Behind the scenes, we have made a lot of improvements to the mobile presence feature and are ready to ask some of you to test! We are opening up the beta for 150 people to start and will stop accepting applications once the 150 user limit has been reached.

What will I have to do?
Sign up and then keep using mobile presence.

What about Android?
Coming soon!

Click here to get started!

You will hear back from us by Monday to get started!


Nothing for Android?

Answered in the post already.

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Gosh how did I miss that? My bad! Looking forward to it. Curious what kinds of changes have been made on the back end?

Tim! :slight_smile:

GF uses iOS but isn’t the master on the overall account, is there a way to get her on the beta app?

Mine has been working just fine, but I’ll still test this out for improvments.

One of the lucky ones? Haha no, it’s not broken per say, but with the latest version of iOS, our old solution was giving us some problems… So we changed the way we do it and the provider we use.

Have her sign up for Cetnercode. She won’t need to do anything but be on the latest App Store version. We will enable the new features with a feature flag.


A request with presence: is there a way to strip out all the program except that function?
My wife does not want ST on her phone, but would like to utilize her phone as a presence/geofence device. Specifically she does not want the various alerts…, or the configuration stuff… or the smartapps… lol

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A Life360 account with ST integration is a good option for that situation.


On top of the ST-app presence-related flakiness lately, this is the main reason I’ve switched over to Life360 for presence sensing… My girlfriend has ZERO interest in dealing with any ST stuff at all, so Life360 provides me with an easy “fire-&-forget” presence solution for her phone.

Life360 has been working well for us (we’re both on iOS)

has this started? My iOS app is now crashing when I press the More menu button. Trying to determine if it is this beta or one of the others.

Where is the more menu button?

The more button is in the lower right-hand corner, commonly referred to as the hamburger menu icon.

Ah right on. I’m able to replicate your issue on mine.

so yours is crashing too? did you get picked for the mobile presence beta?

Sorry that was a typo on my part. I’'m unable to reproduce it.

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are you on the iOS 11.2 beta 3?

yes I just installed that yesterday.

well crap, that was my next theory. do you happen to be in the samsung account migration beta or have multiple locations?

This is why participating in multiple betas can get you into a pickle :slight_smile: