Mobile Presence Beta! (iOS Only)

(Jimmy) #21

yup! although the timing only aligns with the mobile presence beta or the latest hub firmware, but i seriously doubt hub firmware would impact the app behavior.


I could almost guarantee that the 2nd Home location we dealt with doesn’t come into play.

As for the firmware, the iOS updates, and the mobile updates all happening within the same timespan, anything is possible.

(fightingmajor) #23

Yes and yes.

(Jimmy) #24

well hell. oh well, guess i’ll wait and see if support and/or my bug report can help

(Paul) #25

Is this still open? I applied s couple of days ago through my existing Centercode account but nothing has changed?

(Jimmy) #26

were we supposed to get a beta app through Testflight, or is this a background change within the production app?

(Austin Pritchett) #27

Anything major changed or is this just fixing the system?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #28

@slagle Any update on this beta testing? Wondering how it is going and when it might be rolled out to everyone? Thanks!


@slagle Curious also about an update. Has this improved presence sensing at all? Did I miss a notification about an Android beta—or is this still coming “soon”?

(Preston Todd Bradford) #30

I’m participating in the beta and mine is rock solid. Can’t wait to get it on my other accounts.

(fightingmajor) #31

Mine was working just fine prior to this and has still be working fine with this beta.

(Preston Todd Bradford) #32

Where you on iOS 11 before? As soon as I went to iOS 11 mine broke. This fixed it. My daughter’s is still broken.


That’s great to hear! I hope the Android update has the same improvement.

Still wish the official folks would chime in here and let us know what’s going on.

(Brad) #34

Some of the iOS mobile presence changes have been rolled out to the userbase over the past week. Based on reports from users, there is a strong improvement.

Tim may know otherwise, but I don’t have any updates on when Android mobile presence changes will be available to test. The current focus is on iOS and there are additional iOS changes that will likely be beta tested in the coming months.

(fightingmajor) #35

Yes was always on the betas.

(AaronW) #36

What version number did the beta begin working reliably? Just got two updates this week.

(Preston Todd Bradford) #37

My presence worked fair prior to iOS11. Just as soon as I upgraded to iOS11, it broke completely. As soon as the Beta was applied to my account, it went to working and still works perfectly. I’m now on 11.2.1. My daughter is on 11.? and hers is still broken. I believe the beta is account specific and I did not sign her up for the beta. Just got the wife a new phone yesterday and it’s on 11.2.1. I assume it will not work but will find out when we leave later today. This causes us grief as my SHM is tied to our presence. For testing, I have a test automation running that sends a push to all wen I come and go. You can count on it almost to an intersection as I come and go. I would almost use it to open my garage door it’s been so reliable.

(AaronW) #38

What version is your ST client? I don’t need to know iOS version.

(Jameson) #39

It isn’t a version. SmartThings tags your account, it’s built into the app already, just not enabled for all.

(AaronW) #40

Ok that is odd as both my phone and my daughters seem to work without issues. My wife’s though doesn’t updat immediately. I am not on any beta either.