Mobile Interface


(Dave) #1

Does anyone have suggestions on how to manage device state inaccuracies on the app? I consistently have problems, e.g. presence tag reports “not present” when it is. To the point that the hub knows it’s present because it just executed rules. In addition, devices show a state in one tab and a different state in another.

I’ve attempted to correct this numerous times with support, but they can’t seem to fix it. Their answer now is don’t use the dashboard tab or try this or that, or we’ll fix it on our end. The problems seem to be getting worse and it doesn’t sound like there is a plan to fix it.

I’m a fan of SmartThings. I’ve been connected for over 18 months and have just under 30 devices. The problems I’ve been experiencing lately are starting to make the platform unusable. I’m losing confidence and considering giving up.

If anyone has experienced similar issues and has any fixes I would greatly appreciated seeing them.

(Eric) #2

I just finally removed my dashboards today. I wouldn’t expect them to work…they have said they would be problematic going forward and relatively unsupported; between smart tiles and the new app layouts, I can get done what I need quickly.