Android dashboard doesn't accurately reflect house status

(Dan) #1

I’m a brand new newbie to SmartThings.

There are two nuisances that are currently at the top of my list.

  1. The dashboard does not accurately reflect the house state. E.g. it will show all present, even though I get the push notifications that folks have left, and you can see the activities in the activity stream. Same for door state. Force quitting and restarting seems to resolve that issue.

  2. Presence on the Galaxy S4 seems to be very spotty. Sometimes just opening the app will register a presence, sometimes a restart is required, and occasionally it works. The Galaxy S5 seems much better. Both are on the latest Verizon Android version.

On the plus side, other than a couple of nuisances, I’m very happy with the overall system. Hopefully the Android app will only get better over time.


The ST is currently working on the presence issue. I would recommend to use the ST Smartsense devices for better connection to the house. You can still be signed into the ST on your S4, but don’t rely on it completely. I am on S2 still…And have this issue on my IPHone too. It is not about the platform. it is about the Geo Location.

(Dan) #3

After posting this, our presence seemed to miraculously start working flawlessly (hope I’m not jinxing it).

However, I’ve just added the switch that comes with the starter kit, and the shortcut created, always shows as ON in the dashboard under Lights & Switches. The activity stream shows correctly when it turns on and off via motion and the garage door tilt switch, but not on the dashboard. It also shows correctly on the Things screen.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

You should report this behavior to support as I believe it is a bug that needs to get fixed.

While I have yet to find a way to reliably reproduce it, I can usually clear it up by editing the shortcut in some way.

(Dan) #5

Thanks for the reply. I will re-post as you suggest. I deleted the app and re-added it and that didn’t help, and neither did force quitting.

(Mike Swanson) #6

Also seeing this behavior, even after the platform upgrade…

(Dan) #7

I’ve been working with support since last week. Understandably, they seem to be swamped with upgrade issues at the moment, so no resolution for me yet.

It sounds like I may have a hardware issue with the switch where it doesn’t report its status back to the hub.

If I go to the Things page and then access the switch from there, the activity stream from the switch page is empty. I can force a refresh, which will update the switch status but I have never seen the switch report it’s own status on either the device activity stream, or the overall activity stream.

(Mike Swanson) #8

I have to believe there’s more to it than “hardware.” I went from not having the issue to the opposite, coincidentally right around going back to standard time…

(Dan) #9

I have never seem the switch behave properly. Customer support has been trying to work with me with firmware updates and removing / re-adding the device numerous times. I have never seen that device report its status. All the other devices seem to work fine.

(Dan) #10

My issue got sorted out by support. So I guess it wasn’t hardware after all. Whatever the case, support (Ryan) stuck with the issue and I’m very happy at the moment. The switch status is super snappy.