Dashboard Status & Other New Issues

(Ron S) #1

For the past few days, it appears that tiles like Damage and Danger, Lights and Switches have started showing incorrect status versus the device statuses under things.

For me, it was first the lights and switches. I removed everything from under there and re-added and it is at least working for me since last evening.

This morning, it is the Damage and Danger section showing incorrect status. My basement door is very much closed when I left for work. The things shows that it is closed, the IDE/log shows it is closed but well, the Damage and Danger section shows it is open. This is bad.

Incorrect statuses in the dashboard is not good. I hope somebody from the ST team will respond back. @tyler has been thankfully helping me with the Lights and Switches issue.

(Ron S) #2

I had to remove it the basement door from damages and danger as well as doors and locks section and re-add them along with its smartapps. It is extremely annoying. It is showing the right status now.

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #3

I had the same issue with lights. The dashboard said “some lights were on” but when I drilled in they were actually all off.

(Darryl) #4

I have had that issue as well.

(Ron S) #5

I have opened tickets for

  1. “Lights & Switches”
  2. “Damage & Danger”
  3. “Doors & Locks”

So, pretty much the entire dashboard.

Presence is acting weird too now. Yesterday evening, while I entered my geofence, it correctly said “Ron has arrived”, was parking in my garage when I mysteriously disappeared “Ron has Left” and within a minute I was back “Ron has arrived”. The garage, the car… Feeling nostalgic about “Back to the future”! :wink:

Update: Regarding the iPhone presence, do you guys think that switching from Verizon LTE to Optimum Hotspots (auto switch in NY/NJ area) to finally the Home Network confuses the ST mobile presence? Perhaps @tyler @urman and the experts can provide some input on this.

I also so do appreciate @tyler for looking into the Dashboard issue. I am sure that ST is on top of this and this thread is just to point out the issues to them and no way any attempt to criticize but work together in getting the issues resolved by providing any little bit of input that we can which may help them.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #6

Also happening here along with icons for “things” not sticking after I change it.

(Dawn Fairbro) #7

Oh how I really appreciate this Community Board. I’ve been having problems for the last week with the presence sensors coming and going… both IPhone and ST and also “some lights are on” when I can see that they are off… Glad to know it is not just me. Pretty sure if I try to rebooting my WIFI one more time trying to “fix” things, it is just going to stop working ….

(Ron S) #8

Was informed by support right now that they are aware of this issue (as most of the regulars here already know) and it’s on their high priority list. Meanwhile you can rely on either “Things” or “Recently/Right now” pages as your case may be Damage and Danger / Doors and Locks.

Thanks Charlie Stalla From ST.