App out of sync with real life

I’m fairly new to ST, been using it for 3 weeks now, so far it’s been a mixed bag. I’m using the android app and it seems like the state reported in the Things menu is very frequently not correct.

For example, the z-wave deadbolt locks I have installed seemingly never update their ‘locked’ state in the Things menu if someone has manually (physically) locked or unlocked the door. If I restart the app, the state will be correctly displayed, but UGH that is annoying.

I also have SmartPower Outlet with a lamp plugged in that is set to turn on when my Morning mode is enabled. I also have it so that Morning mode is enabled automatically every day at 6:45 am. The light turns on like it should, but the Things menu still says the outlet is off. Again, if I restart the app, it will correctly display the outlet’s state.

Is this normal? Does anyone else run into issues like this? Is there something I can do, other than restarting my app every time I want to use it?

Recently, the SmartThings cloud has mostly been of the PyroCumulus variety, so I would not consider what you have experienced lately as nominal behavior.

But yes, it happens occasionally (even when things are nominal). I don’t know of any workaround that effectively fixes the behavior.

My Schlage door lock’s been working reliably (knock on wood) even during the recent turmoil. I receive notifications of all lock/unlock events and typically they’re very fast - 1-2 second delay worst case (knock on wood again). I do have issues with some of my light switches not reporting correct state if operated manually. That’s been repeatedly blamed on the switches themselves, but I’m positive I didn’t have this issue when I was using Vera.

It’s probably related to recent issues, but what I’ve been experiencing is the dashboard top level items (Lights and Switches, Home and Family, etc.) are often not correctly displayed whereas the status of individual things are correct. For instance, Lights and Switches may say all of them are on, but when looking at the list of lights, only some of them are (correctly) green. It seems to be better since the update, but of course we’ve had other issues with scheduled event delays…

This is a known issue. I have multiple tickets open with support regarding this same issue, and each time they reply that they are working on it. I thought the fix was coming with the most recent update, but my things are still frequently out of sync.

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