Mobile device presence broken with iOS 11

Yup, same problem. But I think it is just delayed, not fully manual. When I come home to turn off the alarm, I open the app and presence changes immediately, but when I leave it does actually change to away, just about 15-20 minutes late.

It is just the Smartthings app, not others btw. I use the Skylark app as a second set of presence for Smartthings and that is working perfectly. I have Skylark linked via IFTTT to a virtual presence device type in Smarthings, and have that presence sensor turn the AC on much earlier than I would want Smartthings to turn the home to “Home” mode. Skylark’s geofence is a few miles out, Smartthings is only a few hundred feet. Both are presence sensors in Smartthings, but the Skylark one updates as normal and the Smartthings iPhone presence sensor is extremely delayed.

I confirmed Location and Background refresh settings are all ok. Sent an email to Smartthings Support as well.


I hope @Brad_ST takes it to the mobile team as it’s one of the biggest annoyance and the WAF goes zero and most of our critical automations are based off it. On a side note, the the current status on the app never matches the IDE. Modes are correct on IDE but misses it on the mobile app. reported it several iOS releases ago and acknowledged by ST. Things done to fix it: Zero. I want my dear friend @slagle. :slight_smile:

I agree, I tested this some more last night and this morning and my other presence triggers seems to be firing as they should outside of ST.

I talked to Support during beta and they said it wasn’t working. I loaded life 360 to fix the issue because their location sensor worked fine. Public release came out and even after my fiancé ran the ST update it’s still broke. I’ll be loading life 360 on his phone too. I can’t afford not to have the house arm.

Same problem here, my iPhone does not work as a presence sensor since updating to iOS 11 on Tuesday. I just wrote an email to SmartThings support and I would like to encourage everyone with iOS 11 to do this as well, just to make them aware that this is a widespread and important issue.


Support have acknowledged the issue and say it’s being researched.

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Yup, just heard back from my email, same thing. Now I guess we wait…

@Brad_ST I have an iOS app for webCoRE Presence and it works on iOS 11 - let me know if you need assistance with fixing it, I may know a thing or two :smiley:

For those who want to try the beta, webCoRE now has an iOS app which is simply a UIWebView wrapper to the dev version of the webCoRE dashboard, but also provides presence/location tracking with up to 10 places of interest. It also tries to improve on false positives by using two presence circles, a smaller one to arrive at a place, and a larger one to leave a place - this makes sure that those rapid firing events (left, arrived while comfy in the house) don’t happen. Hit me up with a PM with your first name, last name, and email address and I’ll send you a TestFlight invite.


It appears that deleting the last remaining child device from the ST UI app leads to removing the app as well - without any warning or chance to cancel - this is a “feature” of ST and I am working with ST to fix this - it happened to me, added a presence sensor, then removed it from the ST Device List - that lead to the webCoRE app being completely removed, along with all the pistons I had. So I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that until ST fixes this, you install a new blank instance and use that one for the presence sensors. Ye be warned.

WARNING! If you setup a presence sensor device using your main webCoRE instance and then later delete that device from ST, you will loose all your pistons in that instance, as well as the instance itself. Please - PLEASE! - install a blank webCoRE instance, import the DTH from the Device Handlers repository webCoRE - same as you did when you installed the webCoRE SmartApp, then install the iOS app from TestFlight and login with a registration code for the new instance - go to Settings, tap on Setup sensor in the Places tab, pick a name for the sensor (you can safely change this later from ST) and hit Save - that will create a presence sensor in your ST app, provided you correctly created and published the DTH - you do not have to create any virtual devices, just make sure you publish the DTH, webCoRE will create the devices for you.


Bad. Ass.



Same for me here, presence and also notifications not working.

I’ve been with Apple’s beta group for a few years now. I’ve download IOS 11 beta since it was out before the public. It’s never worked with my iPhone 7 Plus ever. Now I upgraded to iOS 11 gold on my mother’s phone, iPhone 6s Plus and it stopped working.

Please do open support tickets. Only then they will know it’s a widespread issue.


I wholeheartedly agree this is important, but I’m one of the folks who (thanks to this thread!) is holding off on upgrading to iOS 11, so I don’t have any data to submit for research to ST via a support ticket.

Hopefully ST realizes that there are plenty of folks like me aren’t yet directly affected, but who are also anxious to see this issue resolved!


Been with ST and love & support ST for nearly 2-3 yrs plus but this issue is the one that they could never resolve. Yes, there are several factors which may effect your geofence presence detection but how come all others except ST gets it right?

Another issue forever is that most of the times your ST mobile app never actually reflects the actual mode that you are in (although correct in IDE) unless you force kill your app. Reported this a zillion times, acknowledged by support, several app releases during this time but never fixed.


I sent them an email with the issue.

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Can confirm ST presence doesnt work with iOS11 unless you open the app. I have a 7 Plus and the wife has a 6s. Both do not work correctly now that we are on iOS11

Yep, you are confirming what many others already have.

Please email The more that contact ST the more hope we have they actually address this before working on other, less pressing needs (like the new dimmer bar, ahem). Seriously, can you believe they spent time on a new dimmer bar when they KNEW in the beta testing that presence was borked with iOS11. They released a new ST app on iOS11 release day with a known broken presence function? Mind. Blown.

Meanwhile …

I have been wondering this myself for years.

I use a few other apps that use geolocation (e.g. for podcast downloads or photo album syncing to my NAS when I arrive home) and they have never been as problematic as ST.

For the last several months at least, mobile presence has actually worked quite well for me and my wife.

There is no way I’m updating to iOS 11 til they get some kind of fix in place for this.

Presence has never been reliable for me with my iphone 6s plus. Same with the other iphone in our household. It would work some days and some days not. I am on ios 11 now, and presence is no different. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. iOS 11 had no change whatsoever for me. Presence stayed the same…inconsistent. Hopefully though, with more people posting about it, something will be discovered.

Life360 is not updating my location unless I have the app running either and yes background refresh is on as is use location always.