Mobile app without a Hub?

I’m wondering I it’s possible to use the Smartthings mobile application without owning a Hub? I know the Wink app can be used without a Hub when connecting to 3rd party web services or hubs and was wondering if I can do the same with Smartthings.

I know the v2 hardware is coming out soon and wanted to hold off on buy a hub. However I do have other gear that the SmartApps could connect to.

I think the answer is nope. And it’s likely Nope even with Hub V2, since it needs to work when you’re NOT home, or not connected to the same local network, and many/most people’s home internet won’t (easily|securely|without violation of TOS) support internet-facing servers anyway. Support Nightmare.

Yes… Technically, but not from a retail standpoint.

You can’t get a login to SmartThings without purchasing a hub, and all “Devices” (even cloud-connected only) need to be associated with a particular location (which must have a hub defined, I think).

In this theory, you could throw away the hub once you have the account set up… But I haven’t tested if the mobile app will refuse to run if all your hubs are down.

If I remember correctly, there might have been a way to set up a new ST account without having a hub. It seems that this option has been taken away.

I think I had a hubless location to play with before I bought the hardware, but it’s been a while and I can’t remember anymore.

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Dam that’s too bad. Figured since it seems that all the logic is done in the cloud it would be an option. Guess I’ll have to wait it out until the new hardware is released.

You’ll probably find plenty of Hub V1 available on eBay at that time, to get your feet wet.

As a matter of fact, yes, you can create an account without a hub. Just create a new account in the mobile app and when it asks you for the hub registration code, enter whatever (e.g. 123456). The app will complain that the code has already been used. Ignore it, force-kill the app and restart it. Your account is now set up and you can log into the IDE with your username/password. No hub required!

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Yes, it does work! I wanted another test account.

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Thanks I’ll give this a shot again. I did setup an account on the developer section but I don’t think I was able to setup any smartapps since the location wanted to be associated with a hub. I’ll give it another try though.

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I have 4 locations and only 1 hub. Maybe rules have changed since I installed the hub…

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Hi all,

I just sign up as I would like to test this GitHub solution to revive my two old cameras and make them smart (and then add them to IFTTT and achieve a kind of geofencing ability to them), but I did not managed to pass the hub registration code on the SmartThinghs App.

Someone knows if there is something to do?