Https:// Says "You don't have any hubs yet....."

When I go to it shows “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.”.

However, I’m using my an app for SmartThings on my phone that is able to set key codes for my vacation rental remotely.

I forget exactly how this happened, I think I was having an issue with the Hub and while I was not home I was communicating in real-time with my handyman- I think he might have pressed the reset button but said he didn’t hold it in for more than a click press.

The app I am using is still working, however I cannot update the app since it also displays under “My SmartApps” “You don’t have any apps yet. Add one now.”

Is the only way to fix this for me to be physically present near my Hub with my phone?



The message you get about not having any apps yet means that you have not created any apps or published any apps yet.


It looks like you aren’t on the “shard” or whatever it’s called for your account. If you log in that way or via you will likely have to hit the “locations” button first to find your hub.

As mentioned above, use and you won’t have to worry about it any longer!

After you login do…

Click - My Locations ( top left of screen)
Click - Your Location in the list

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Does it eventually replicate over?