Mobile app loading slowly? 1/26 incident

We just updated with an issue that is affecting a small portion of our users. Certain users may be experiencing longer than usual load times in our mobile application.

Is that supposed to say 1/26?

Oops! Fixed!

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Seeing this as well, Concerned with all the issues lately. I am also seeing no response from my Zigbee GE Link lights.

Device control is not a part of this incident. If your mobile app loads or you have some other method of device control (like a Minimote) you should expect your devices to work properly.

As an aside, we’ve seen several cases of the GE Link bulbs losing their connection to our hub. This is an issue at the device level.

This incident should be resolved but we’re continuing to monitor it just in case.

Check for the most recent update.

@Tyler Uh… what is longer than normal load times? It seems to be getting slower and slower over the last month. How long should it typically take to load the “things” view?

Is that dependent upon number of connected devices or devices that are on Wifi or what?

edit: This is applicable to all platforms, I just chose Android for the comparison.

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My LG G3 App load time was 45 seconds for months. Dropped to 14 seconds just before CES. Back up to 45 seconds last couple weeks. Still 45 seconds tonight. What’s the trick to keep it below 15 seconds?