Android app slow to load things

Not sure if the android app is slow because I have 45 things or if one of the updates has caused it. But it use to load the list of things in less than 2-3 seconds. With the last two versions of the app it now takes 10-11 seconds to load which seems like an eternity when your trying to check the status of one device.

same here, waiting for next update

That’s one reason why folks consider ActionTiles worthwhile. ~8 seconds from Homescreen launch on MySpace Android phone brings up my entire Main dashboard with current status of any Thing on that Panel. Faster if already in memory.

Android and iOS mobile apps point to different servers for rendering and process AFAIK. Historically iOS has been slower than Android but recently it seems to be evenly responsive (or not). It’s probably a temporary slow down and should resume in a day or so once the load reduces. I don’t think it has anything to do with the mobile app itself.

But as @tgauchat pointed out it helps to have alternative options and more consistent interfaces / experience. ActionTiles is awesome!

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I have the same problem

Report it to ST support so they can look into it