Speed of Things View

Is there any chance the speed of the things view will get better? After the major upgrade last year, it was significantly faster.

It is just so slow now, that can’t even use it regular because I don’t have the time to wait 30 - 40 seconds before my devices are refreshed and ready to respond?

Can I improve the speed by grouping items possibly? I don’t have that many devices about 80 so I know people have a lot more.

With the hub 2 help with this at all, or is the smart app still going to retrieve the device status from the cloud or stored locally on the hub v2?

I really need the Things view to be more responsive, to really make ST usable.

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We’ve been told that there’s a Mobile App release coming up (eta unknown) that significantly improves loading time (10x, perhaps?).

There’s a demo video posted somewhere…

@tgauchat Yes, I’ve seen the video, and the promise. I’m wondering if it will really materialize, or go the way of some of the other “coming soon”…

I was hoping for some type of roadmap, but haven’t really seen anything yet.


I have less than half of that, and see the same load times you do. The screen timeout on my devices are set to 30 seconds. I always have to touch the screen once (SOMETIMES TWICE!!) to keep my display on while this miserable app loads.