Android App Load Time

(Kristopher Kubicki) #1

I have a relatively simple setup with 145 “Things” and 12 custom apps. I noticed over the weekend the “refresh” on my app was taking more than 60 seconds, and device states were not particularly accurate. Is there a way to get this to poll in the background more frequently?

I have to rely on Sharptools for basic controls since it takes a couple minutes to do anything using the ST app (including mode changes?!) where as Sharptools is instant. If anything, certain aspects of the app should be non-blocking. I noticed something similar with HomeBuddy and it was one of the reasons I stopped using Vera.

(Ron S) #2

its not just your android, my iPhone with less than half of your devices is taking a long time and things much slower.

(Morgan) #3

Yeah, I’m having same load issues w/ the iPhone and it appears to be getting slower and slower. I don’t have as many devices, I only have around 80. I don’t know if i would call 145 things a simple setup.

Do you have any wifi devices integrated Sonos, Wemo or Hue?


All of our apps are almost done with complete rewrites of the networking code. For the Android app specifically we’ve rewritten most of the pages from the ground up. I have 6 or more locations with 400+ devices spread across and my loading times dropped from 30+ seconds to approximately 3 seconds.

(Mike Maxwell) #5

Yea!, and the release date?, you had to know that was coming…


When they’re ready!

I’m using our internal Android alpha version and it’s great. Loading time on every page is near instant.

New button in the Mobile App?

Loading comparison. On the left is a Galaxy S5 running the Play Store app. On the right is a Note 4 running our upcoming build.

The Note 4 loads at 0:03. The Galaxy S5 loads at 0:20.

Mobile app loading slowly? 1/26 incident

Will anxiously wait for it. Recently, the third party dashboards have been my goto UI for quick check on status.


Maybe a good test would have been the Note 4 loading the playstore app and the S5 loading the alpha.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #10

@Kristopher I’m glad to hear that SharpTools is working well as a ‘controller’!

You might be excited to hear that I am working on a major UI overhaul of the main SharpTools app. While I originally wrote the app so I could have Widgets and Tasker integration on Android, like you I find myself using SharpTools as quick and easy controller.

I pushed the changes to the SharpTools Alpha test group tonight so it should start hitting your mobile devices soon. Check out the video below for a quick preview:


Sounds like a good idea! As far as I remember it’s the same. I didn’t specifically choose the Note 4 because it’s faster if my word is worth anything!

(Thomas) #12

When will we see this app published?

(Philip) #13

Hi Tyler - does it mean Windows Phone app will be updated?


(Brad B.) #14

I’m sure that more than a few of us would be happy to beta test for you! It seems easier on Android to have a dedicated beta channel that people can ask to be invited to.

(Tony Case) #15

Switching the phones would have been about the same result. The overhauled app we’ve been working on loads quite a bit faster and is more performant all around. We’re excited about it. That said, we’re not close enough to have anything like a release date yet. (sorry).

(Brad B.) #16

Agreed. The Note 4 and S5 are nearly identical in specs.