Mobile app issue

I get the following error on the mobile app “You appear to be having issues with your network error”.

This seems to be only happening on my Samsung S7, all other devices are fine.

I have uninstalled and re-installed, everyone else OK, I noticed this a few days ago.


I’m in the UK and have an S7 Edge and not having any issues.

Do you definitely have wifi or data signal?

Same phone and also in the UK. App has been flawless for me too

Yes, this is happening at wifi both at work and home, and on the mobile network.

I’m in the UK and also fine on two phones and an ipad I have access to right now. Have you tried taking the app out of being optimised for battery life? Maybe the delay in it waking back up is causing it?

Great shout, just tried that, no difference, strange its just me.

Very odd, but obviously, a service such as smartthings has many servers and points load balanced so it might not just be yourself but a subset of users. I would ping support an email to get someone to investigate.

The cause was an ad-blocker I was coerced into trying.


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FYI, I use BlockThis VPN ( which is free and works really, really well - blocks ads in webpages, apps etc and its never caused an issue for me.