Network connection errors


I’m getting a lot of network connection errors in the android app. Doest seem to matter what device I’m on or if it’s wifi or 4G. Not sure if it’s my tablets, router, ISP or Smartthings.

Anyone else having these issues?

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I have noticed it on IOS all weekend, really bad last night. Was trying to add some new custom devices and things kept timing out and failing to load in the app.

Getting these errors constantly, along with “Sorry but there was an unexpected error” and modes/routines randomly failing. Rebooted hub, cleared app cache, etc. Opened a ticket but nothing yet.

@Paul_Preston @mander @tobycth3, have you guys emailed support so they know? I’ve had this issue for a long time, and the more users that tell support, the better.

Sure did, opened one over the weekend but haven’t received a reply.

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Oh how glad I am this want just me!

I get the error “You appear to be having issues with your network” frequently when on a managed WiFi network. However, if I turn off my Wi-Fi, the network error appears to go away so perhaps the WiFi network I’m on is blocking something. Are you guys on WiFi or cellular when getting this issue? The same LAN as the hub or remote to it?

Anyone get a response from ST support?

I got it last night… On 4g

Last few days as well for me. On WiFi or LTE does not matter.

Usually they recur repeatedly throughout an ‘instance’ of the app open. Other ‘instances’ it doesn’t happen at all. This error doesn’t seem to be network related. Usually it is when I try to open notifications tab before SHM has loaded. (For whoever is reading this hoping to figure out what causes it)