ANDROID: You appear to be having issues with your network error

While the above error is not new, lately, every page I try to load or try to save I get the above error. This only occurs on my Android mobile. iPad, once I log in, works fine albeit slow as molasses. Anyone else experiencing this with android (Samsunf S6)?


yep. Sometimes I get the error, sometimes I don’t. Been that way for a couple months. On Android Sammy S6 too.

+1 - Doesn’t seem to impact anything I do, just annoying.

Yep, been experiencing this for several weeks and it drives me crazy. Support is aware of it, but we are still waiting on a fix. I get it several times while using the app.

Does it still do this if you disable your WiFi?

I hadn’t really noticed, but I am on Wifi 90+% of the day. As a quick test I turned off Wifi and navigated the app for a minute or two. I did not get a single error. Thanks, at least I know there is something I can do before I throw my phone out the window. Hoping for a permanent fix soon.

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Good to know but just in case it’s a fluke, let us know if that changes.

Does this ‘fix’ the issue for anyone else? I honestly hadn’t tried it myself but then I rarely get the message so I never think to turn WiFi off.

UPDATE: Rebooted (a) router and havent had the problem since. Oddly enough it wasn’t even the main router but an AP to which neither the hub nor my phone was connected to. Oh well… I’ll take it :smile:

I’ve been getting this often, at the same time that the IDE doesn’t load (or loads slowly). Meanwhile, my network is working just fine (I’ve done a speedtest on my phone, only to show my wifi and FiOS connections are just fine).

I wish they’d change this message to “There appears to be issues contacting the SmartThings network” … because I think most of the time I see the message it is a problem on their end.

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Just to add to the topic for anyone searching in the future. I forget which thread I saw it in where another user mentioned the word “instances” and it clicked it my head that I have the ST app open or in the background of at least 2 other android devices. After terminating the ST app process on all the other android gadgets, I repeated what I was doing where I was getting the “you appear to be having issues with your network” and that cleared the message instantly, everything went through smoothly. In my case, it was when I was searching for a Harmony Hub and trying to add it to ST.

I hope this helps someone, it might be a coincidence, it may be not, worth the try. I don’t want to remove my harmony hub and try again lol. :smiley:

Problem still happens for me as well. Even in the android simulator. Mainly on the Things view and occasionally on the marketplace tab.

Since I access ST from multiple devices, I do believe it to be related to one of the devices getting the error where another will just work fine.

I’ve captured adb syslogs and not much to report there when it happens, even with debugging turned on.

All I can say is open a ticket with support when it happens and keep on them. 2.08 fixed a lot of errors, but this one still continues for me and others.

Is everyone still experience this problem on 2.1.1?

IMO the android app is one step away from being useless. If it isnt the famous “experiecing network problems…” ior “stopped unexpectedly” its having to wait an eternity for a room to load. The iOS app isn’t all that much better. Different problems so between the two I manage to get by. :frowning:

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