Unable to use app. Network error messages

For the last several days whenever I open the SmartThings app, I get a red banner saying:

“You appear to be having issues with your network. Please check your network connection and try again”.

It does this regardless of whether I’m on a good Wifi connection or 4G.

I notice other people having issues with the app but different errors/problems. Is this related or something different?



Which version of the app are you on? Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing from your app store? Are you on iOS or Android?

Have you tried reboooting your ST hub and wireless router?

Uninstalled the app and reinstalled from the Play store. Now I can’t even sign in as it rejects my email address saying “something went wrong. Please try again”.

Restarted the router and hub, yes.

Does the hub show as online or offline in IDE?

If it is not recognizing your email address I would contact support.

It shows as ACTIVE

I’ve dropped them an email. Strangely the details are fine on the website and I can log in there fine. I use lastpass for the credentials on both so know they’re correct…