Mobile App (iOS) Login Failure - No Error Message

I have searched the forum finding a few older posts with no real solutions posted. My issue is that I am unable to login to the Mobile App. Login credentials are accepted outside of the app. Submitting login through the app does not return any error or message of any type, simply displays spinning wheel as if attempting to sign in and the stops. However inputting the incorrect password does return an error message as expected. I submitted a support ticket 5 days ago and so far the only response has been to ask me what iOS and ST version I was using. Luckily I have ActionTiles set up and can still easily access key features but have been unable to dismiss an intrusion alarm which SmartThings continues to remind me about hourly. Any help would be appreciated.

iPhone 7 - Most recent iOS update available

ST - Version Up to Date

*Problem has been ongoing on iPhone for 3+ months when I switched to control on iPad. Now I can’t access on iPad either for 5 days.

I have deleted and re-installed the app (did not work)

I have rebooted the Hub (did not work)

I have rebooted the phone (did not work)

Opened a support ticket…

Same. I knew i couldnt trust samsung.


Instead of this bizarre rant or your “wtf” post you made in the other thread, why don’t you open a support ticket and once that is resolved, post what the resolution was so that other folks in the future have something constructive from you to avoid the frustration you have now?

Just an update I am still unable to access the app. Only support option offered has been a full reset which will really be a lot of work adding all my devices back and setting up my automations. Does anyone have any new info on this issue.